Indoor rabbits make wonderful pets, providing companionship and entertainment for the whole family. To keep your furry friends happy and healthy, having the right living environment for them is important. An indoor rabbit hutch is essential for any rabbit owner, offering a safe and comfortable space for your pet to call home.

Indoor rabbit hutches come in various styles, materials, and sizes to cater to the needs of different breeds and rabbit owners. Considering factors such as available floor space, materials, and design features is essential when making a well-informed decision on which hutch to purchase. The ideal indoor rabbit hutch should provide ample space for your pet to move around, play, and chew on toys while also being easy to clean and maintain.

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When shopping for an indoor rabbit hutch, pay attention to factors like the durability of the materials used, the size of the hutch to ensure it is appropriate for your rabbit’s breed and growth, and the presence of additional features like built-in litter trays, feeding areas, and secure closure mechanisms. Ventilation and ease of access for cleaning are also important aspects to consider, as they contribute to your pet rabbit’s overall hygiene and well-being.

After thoroughly researching and evaluating various indoor rabbit hutches, we’ve compiled a list of the best options on the market to suit a range of needs and preferences. Let’s dive into the details so that you can find the perfect home for your beloved pet.

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Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best indoor rabbit hutches available on the market, ensuring you’ll find the perfect one for your furry friend’s comfort and safety.

Credits: Pet Rabbits

Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch 62″

It’s a versatile and spacious indoor rabbit hutch that offers a great home for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals.


  • 3 deep removable trays for easy cleaning
  • 6 wheels for easy movement, with 2 locking wheels for safety
  • Spacious design with multiple access doors
  • Assembly may be challenging for some.
  • Shipping cost may be high.
  • Quality control issues in some cases.

We recently had the opportunity to use the Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch and were quite impressed with its spacious design. The hutch is perfect for bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small animals. Its large size and multiple doors made it easy for us to access and clean the enclosure while giving our furry friends a comfortable home.

One of the standout features of this rabbit hutch is the 3 deep removable trays. These trays can be pulled out from both front and back, making cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the hutch is built on 6 wheels, allowing for easy movement when needed. Two of these wheels can be locked in place, ensuring your pet’s safety.

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch also comes with some thoughtful extras, including a metal feeder and a chewing toy. These additions are specially designed to enhance your pet’s experience. However, it’s essential to note that some buyers have reported minor quality control issues and assembly difficulties.

Nonetheless, the waterproof asphalt roof and durable fir wood construction make this
indoor rabbit hutch a reliable and long-lasting option for your pets. Overall, we could feel confident recommending this Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch to those seeking a spacious and functional home for their small animals.


Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Hutch

The Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Hutch is a worthwhile choice for its exclusive design features, ease of cleaning, and overall quality assurance.


  • Unique, slide-out trays from front and back for easy cleaning
  • Removable wire mesh above bottom tray for hygiene
  • High-quality casters with breaks for easy mobility and safety
  • Possible damage during shipping
  • Some rabbits may chew on wooden parts.
  • Potential leak issues

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Hutch. We first noticed the exclusive design that included slide-out trays on both the front and back. This design helps prevent urine leakage and makes cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the removable wire mesh above the bottom tray ensures our bunny doesn’t stand on its poop and keeps the hutch extra clean.

The Aivituvin hutch also comes with premium-quality casters, making it easy for us to move the hutch around as needed. The built-in brakes on two of the casters make sure the hutch stays in place once positioned. We were impressed with the overall build and structure of the hutch. However, it’s important to note that some other customers may have had issues with shipping, resulting in damaged parts or incomplete orders.

One potential issue we observed is that some rabbits might tend to chew on the wooden parts of the hutch. It’s a potential drawback for certain pet owners. In addition, while we didn’t experience any leaking problems, other users mentioned potential leak issues.

Regardless of these minor concerns, we appreciate the quality assurance Aivituvin offers to ensure customer satisfaction. The Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Hutch delivers an excellent living environment for small pets, making their owners’ lives easier.

Aivituvin Indoor Bunny Cage with Run

We believe this Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is an excellent choice for those looking for an indoor rabbit hutch with quality features and materials.


  • Detachable metal wire netting for easy cleaning
  • 1.8” depth, no leak trays to avoid messes and mold
  • Separate up and down area with sliding door
  • Potential for wood to show chew marks
  • Construction may be too light for outdoor use.
  • Assembly can be challenging for some.

We recently set up the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch for our pet rabbits and fell in love with its fantastic features. The metal wire netting that attaches to the bottom tray prevents our bunnies from standing on their waste and makes cleaning the hutch a breeze.

We also appreciated the 1.8” depth no-leak trays that do not leak and prevent plywood from getting moldy. The hutch is made of higher-quality metal open-roof hinges, stronger stainless steel casters, unique locks, and proprietary latches for longer use. This extra durability gave us peace of mind, knowing our furry friends would be safe.

One thing we noticed, however, is that our rabbits started chewing on the wooden frame. While not exactly a deal-breaker, it is something to consider when purchasing this product. We also found that the assembly process was a bit challenging due to some unclear markings. With patience and close attention, we managed to put it together.

In conclusion, the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is a solid option for those who need a comfortable indoor hutch for their rabbits. It meets most rabbit owners ‘ needs with several useful features and a robust design. Just keep in mind the potential for chew marks and be prepared for some initial assembly challenges.


Aivituvin Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is a great option for those seeking a versatile and easy-to-maintain hutch for their indoor rabbits.


  • Removable metal wire netting for easy cleaning
  • Deeper pull-out tray to prevent leakage
  • Four movable wheels for convenience, two of which have brakes
  • Wood material may not be the most durable.
  • Assembly can be tricky due to softwood.
  • Potential for missing or broken parts upon arrival

The Aivituvin
Rabbit Hutch offers a spacious living area for your furry friends, accommodating 2-3 rabbits, guinea pigs, or other small animals. The metal wire netting above the bottom tray keeps your pets from standing in their waste and makes cleaning a breeze. We were able to roll the hutch around with ease thanks to its four wheels, two of which can be locked for added security.

The sliding door feature allows you to separate the upper and lower areas, providing versatility in how you house your pets. High-quality stainless steel casters and a metal open roof hinge add to the durability of this hutch. However, we found that the wood material may not be the sturdiest and had to be cautious while assembling, as it can easily splinter or crack.

Despite its comfortable and functional design, some customers have reported receiving the hutch with missing or broken parts. This can be inconvenient, so check all parts upon arrival and contact the seller for any necessary replacements.

Overall, we found the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch to be a practical and efficient choice for indoor pet housing. Its smart design features make maintenance easy and promote a comfortable and happy environment for your beloved pets.


Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch 93.7″ Large Indoor & Outdoor Chicken Coop

Our experience shows that it is a versatile and spacious indoor and outdoor rabbit hutch, with some areas for improvement in build quality.


  • Spacious two-level design for a variety of small animals
  • Convenient and easy-to-clean deep pull-out trays
  • Mobile and easy to move with locking wheels
  • Build quality and materials could be better for outdoor use.
  • Wire mesh sides are weak, not suitable for prey animals outside
  • Some manufacturing flaws and alignment issues

We recently tried the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch for our rabbit and noticed several outstanding features. The hutch’s overall size, with dimensions of 93.7″ L x 22.6″ D x 33.5″ H, provides ample space for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets. The two-level setup allows for separate sleeping and playing areas, offering an enriching environment for our pets.

is simplified with the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch’s design. The four deep, removable pull-out trays make maintaining a clean and hygienic living space for our furry friends easy. We also found it helpful that the hutch comes with eight wheels, four of which can be locked, providing mobility and safety.

However, there are some areas where the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch could be improved. We noticed that the build quality and materials might not be sufficient for extended outdoor use, especially in harsh weather conditions. The wire mesh sides are weak, which may not be ideal for housing prey animals outside.

Our experience also showed that some minor manufacturing flaws affected assembly and overall fit. Some pieces did not align properly, so extra care and effort may be needed during the assembly process. However, these issues did not significantly impact the functionality of the hutch for our pets.

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch offers a spacious and versatile living space for small animals, with convenient features such as deep pull-out trays and easy mobility. Some areas, particularly build quality and materials, could use improvement for extended outdoor use. Nevertheless, the hutch still provides a comfortable and secure environment for our rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pets.



Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Cage

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is a versatile and user-friendly choice for rabbit owners seeking a comfortable indoor habitat for their furry friends.


  • Leak-proof and easy-to-clean trays
  • Movable, with casters and brakes for convenience and safety
  • Multiple access points for easy interaction with pets
  • Softwood material prone to chewing and damage
  • The imprinted logo on the door is not shown in the listing photos.
  • Colors may be darker than depicted in the listing photos.

We recently tried the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Cage for our own rabbit, and overall, it turned out to be a great option. Designed for indoor use, this hutch is built on casters, allowing us to move it around our home easily. Two of the casters have brakes, ensuring the hutch stays securely in place when we don’t want it to move.

The Aivituvin
Rabbit Hutch’s removable wire floor and pull-out tray made cleaning a breeze, but we found the wood a bit soft. Like many others, our rabbit enjoyed chewing on the frame, which may cause some damage in the long run. However, including a chewing toy and metal feeder helped minimize this issue.

A small disappointment was the presence of an imprinted logo on the door, which wasn’t shown in the product’s listing photos, but we plan to cover it up with a wooden plaque. Additionally, the colors of the hutch were slightly darker than what we initially expected based on the photos.

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor Cage is a versatile and functional option for rabbit owners seeking a comfortable and accessible indoor living space for their pets. While the soft wood material and imprinted logo may be minor drawbacks, the overall convenience, mobility, and ease of cleaning make it a worthwhile choice.



Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch

We recommend the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch for its practical design but be mindful of potential wood chewing.


  • Removable wire-netting for easy cleaning
  • UV and rain protection
  • Easy mobility with wheels and detachable legs
  • Wood is not resistant to chewing.
  • Requires reinforcement for stability
  • Locks could be of better quality.

After using the Aivituvin
Indoor Rabbit Hutch for our pets, we found it a good solution for housing rabbits, hamsters, or guinea pigs. The removable wire netting above the tray helps separate urine and poop, making it easy to clean. Moreover, the UV-proof and wire roof protects your pets from harmful elements and allows them to bask in natural sunlight.

One feature that stood out to us was the convenient mobility of the cabinet. With four wheels, it was simple to move around while the locking mechanism ensured its stability. Furthermore, the detachable legs option allowed us to place this hutch on the ground or elevate it.

Although the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch has merits, we encountered a few issues. For one, the wooden structure proved irresistible to our rabbit, who enjoyed chewing on it. We recommend applying wood glue when attaching the screws and reinforcing it further where necessary to counter the instability. Another issue we came across was the quality of the locks. Replacing them with predator-proof locks might be a safer option for your pets.

The Aivituvin
Indoor Rabbit Hutch is a functional and versatile option for housing your small pets, but be prepared to make some minor adjustments for optimal security and stability.


GUTINNEEN Rabbit Cage Indoor Hutch

We think this indoor rabbit hutch is a great option for
rabbit and guinea pig owners due to its easy cleaning features and spacious design.


  • Removable wire netting for easy cleaning
  • Eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic varnish
  • Four casters for easy mobility, with brakes for stability
  • Assembly may be challenging for some.
  • Wood parts may be prone to damage by pets.
  • Might be too large for limited spaces

Last week, we had the opportunity to try out the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Cage Indoor Hutch. Our little friends well-received it, providing them with more than enough space to roam around and explore. We were particularly impressed with the removable wire netting above the bottom tray, which made cleaning up after our pets a piece of cake.

Additionally, the eco-friendly, non-toxic varnish used on the fir wood adds a touch of charm to the design while keeping our furry pals safe. The four attached casters made it quite easy to move the hutch around, allowing us to position it in the best parts of our home. However, assembling the hutch was a bit challenging. It required two people to coax the parts into fitting correctly.

Overall, we were pleased with this indoor rabbit hutch from GUTINNEEN. Despite some assembly challenges and potential wood damage caused by pets, the pros outweigh the cons and make it an excellent choice for rabbit or guinea pig owners in need of a spacious, easily cleanable habitat for their pets.



Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch on Wheels

The Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch is a great choice for those who want a versatile and functional living space for their bunnies with easy maintenance features.


  • Deeper pull-out trays for keeping areas clean
  • Four wheels for mobility
  • Removable wire netting and divider to separate upper and lower layers
  • Potentially strong odor upon arrival
  • Soft wood that might be appealing to bunnies as chew fodder
  • Possible weak top-door construction

The Aivituvin
Rabbit Hutch is an ideal option for pet owners who have multiple bunnies. The upgraded design offers separate living spaces while maximizing comfort for the animals. Our experience with this hutch was quite positive, as it was easy to assemble, provided great space for our rabbits, and access to clean it was painless.

The wheels on this hutch made it even more convenient, as we could easily move it around, and the locking mechanism ensured safety for our furry friends. In addition, the No Leak pullout trays and removable wire netting were particularly appreciated, as they made the cleaning process faster and more efficient.

That said, we did notice a strong odor upon opening, which gradually subsided. While the softwood may be attractive for rabbits to chew on, pet owners can prevent this by providing alternative chew toys. Lastly, the construction of the top door may not be as robust as desired, but with proper care, it should function well.

Overall, this Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch is a great investment for bunny enthusiasts looking to provide a comfortable and hygienic living space for their pets. Its easy-to-clean features, coupled with the mobility provided by its wheels, make it a wise choice for those who want a quality indoor hutch.



PawHut 90.5″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch

The PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch is a great choice for those seeking a spacious and durable home for their bunnies.


  • Spacious design with double-side run boxes
  • Easy access with multiple doors and a ramp
  • Built-in slide-out trays for easy cleaning
  • Wood material might be chewed by guinea pigs.
  • Paint fumes can be strong initially.
  • Some users found it difficult to assemble.

Our experience with the PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch has been mostly positive. The spacious design, featuring two additional big run boxes, offers plenty of room for our rabbits to roam, play, and rest. The multiple doors and ramp make it easy for our bunnies to move in and out of the hutch, as well as aiding us in taking care of them.

One outstanding feature for us is the built-in slide-out trays found beneath the main house and each run box. These trays make cleaning the hutch a breeze, ensuring our rabbits have a fresh and hygienic environment. The solid construction, using fir wood and steel wire alongside an asphalt roof, provides our furry friends with a durable and comfortable space.

However, there were a few drawbacks, such as the potentially chewable wood material, which could be an issue for guinea pig owners. Additionally, the paint fumes might be strong upon unboxing, so we recommend airing out the wood for a few days prior to assembly. Some users also found the assembly process to be challenging or experienced wood splitting due to oversized pre-drilled holes.

The PawHut 90.5″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch offers a spacious and comfortable living space for rabbits with its easy access and cleanliness features. Though it has a few drawbacks, the pros outweigh the cons making it a worthwhile investment for rabbit owners.




PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch

The PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch is a good option for those who require a sturdy and easy-to-clean indoor hutch for their bunnies.


  • Sturdy fir wood construction
  • Waterproof roof
  • Easy to clean with slide-out tray
  • Requires proper ventilation
  • May not withstand extreme weather
  • Tray design allows bedding to escape.

We found the overall construction of the PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch to be solid and durable, made from fir wood and featuring a waterproof roof. This elevated design keeps your rabbit safe from cold, moisture, and potential predators. Our experience assembling the hutch was straightforward, making it simple to put together.

However, we did encounter some issues related to ventilation and weather resistance. If you live in a warmer state, be mindful that this hutch may not provide sufficient ventilation and could cause your rabbit to become overheated. You may need to make some modifications to the hutch to improve air circulation. Additionally, while the description claims it can be used outdoors, the material may not hold up well to extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to cleaning, the slide-out tray makes it easier to keep your rabbit’s space clean and tidy. However, we noticed that the tray’s low edge allows bedding to come out, which can be a bit of a hassle. You may need to consider a different design if you’re particular about keeping the area around the hutch clean.

The PawHut Wooden Rabbit Hutch is a decent choice for an indoor rabbit hutch with some minor flaws. It can provide a safe and comfortable home for your bunny if you’re willing to make a few modifications.



Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

This well-built hutch provides a spacious and comfortable home for your rabbits or guinea pigs, with easy-to-clean features and multiple access points.


  • Removable pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Wheels for convenient mobility
  • Waterproof asphalt roof for indoor and outdoor use
  • Some assembly required
  • May need additional bedding
  • Casters might be missing

The moment we started using the Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch, we noticed its spacious design that allows our rabbits to move around comfortably. The multiple doors make it easy for us to catch our pets from any side, ensuring a stress-free experience for both of us.

The waterproof asphalt roof of the hutch makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rain or shine, our rabbits stay protected and cozy in their home. The wheels at the bottom help us move the hutch around effortlessly, making it the perfect fit for our dynamic needs.

However, it’s important to mention that it did take two of us to assemble the hutch, so keep that in mind. We also noticed that the casters were missing, which is a minor inconvenience. But once it was set up, we absolutely loved the hutch’s practical design, and its easy to clean with the removable pull-out trays.

The Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch is worth considering, especially if you want a mobile and easy-to-clean home for your small pets. With some patience and teamwork during the assembly process, this comfortable and secure hutch will keep your rabbits or guinea pigs happy and healthy.



BIRASIL Wood Rabbit Hutch with Run

This BIRASIL rabbit hutch is a good choice for those seeking a versatile, budget-friendly option for their small pets.


  • Multifunctional and can house various small animals
  • Secure and safe design
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Flimsy wire and build quality
  • Inadequate waterproofing in wet conditions
  • Limited space for larger animals

Upon receiving and assembling our BIRASIL Wood Rabbit Hutch, we immediately noted its versatility. This rabbit hutch is designed for rabbits and can cater to other small animals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and ducks. This multifunctional feature lets pet owners get creative with indoor and outdoor setups.

One of the standout features we noticed was the easy assembly process. The necessary hardware and instructions were provided, and we had no issues assembling it. Cleaning was also a breeze due to the removable pull-out tray that didn’t leak. However, we noticed that the wire mesh felt flimsy and could be damaged by more aggressive pets.

Our rabbits seemed comfortable in their new living space, but larger pets might feel cramped inside. Additionally, the water-resistant roof still required some improvements for those in wet regions. The wood started warping after a few rain showers, which could be problematic over time.

The BIRASIL Wood Rabbit Hutch is suitable for pet owners on a budget and those with smaller pets. It provides a functional living space while serving various indoor and outdoor purposes. However, keep in mind that this hutch might not be an ideal choice in wet conditions or for larger animals.

GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop 87.8″ Large Outdoor Bunny Cage

This indoor rabbit hutch is a great investment for a clean, comfortable, and spacious home for your pet rabbit or small animals.


  • Removable PVC bottom layer for easier cleaning
  • Deeper pull-out tray to prevent leakage
  • Weather-resistant materials with UV protection
  • Slightly flimsy wood construction
  • Ramp alignment issues with the tray
  • Limited space for larger rabbit breeds

We had the opportunity to try out the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop, which we found to be a helpful addition to our pet-owning experience. The removable PVC bottom layer made it very easy for us to clean up after our rabbit, while the deeper pull-out tray ensured that we didn’t have any leakage issues.

The construction of the hutch features weather-resistant materials, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The asphalt roof and anti-UV material provide enhanced weather protection, ensuring our rabbit is comfortable and secure. However, we noticed that the wood of the hutch was somewhat flimsy, so we had to be very careful during assembly to avoid any damage.

Our rabbit enjoyed four access doors and two ramps, giving him a spacious 9.5 ft² area to play, which we appreciated. But the bottom ramp bar didn’t align with the ramp and hit the tray when we tried to slide it in and out. This was a minor inconvenience, but it didn’t detract too much from the overall experience.

We noticed that the hutch space might be limited if you have a larger rabbit breed. If you have a small or medium-sized rabbit, the size of the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop should not be an issue.

While there are some minor drawbacks to the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop, the overall experience of using it was generally positive. The easy-to-clean design, weather-resistant materials, and play area make it a suitable option for those looking for a new indoor rabbit hutch for their furry friends.




Buying Guide

As we search for the best indoor rabbit hutch, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure our pets are comfortable, safe, and happy in their new home. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss the key features to look for and how they affect our furry friends’ well-being.


Size and Space

The size of the indoor rabbit hutch plays a crucial role in providing ample space for the rabbit to move around, stretch, and play. It’s crucial to choose a hutch that is at least four times the size of the rabbit when it’s fully grown. Ensure there’s enough room for food and water containers, toys, and a hiding spot.


Ventilation and Lighting

Proper ventilation is essential for maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment inside the hutch. Look for hutches with wire mesh or open designs, which allow for better airflow. Also, natural or artificial lighting is vital for the rabbit’s overall health and well-being.


Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the rabbit hutch regularly is necessary to keep it hygienic and odor-free. Opt for hutches with removable trays, simple construction, and easy-to-clean materials like wire and plastic. This will save us time and effort when it comes to maintaining our pet’s living space.


Safety and Security

Our rabbits need a secure and safe environment to protect them from potential hazards. Choose a hutch with sturdy construction, strong wire mesh, and secure locks. Ensuring the hutch is stable and well-built can prevent accidents, while a predator-proof design will provide peace of mind.


Comfort and Enrichment

A good indoor rabbit hutch should include comfortable and cozy areas where our rabbits can rest and hide. Providing soft bedding materials like straw or wood shavings can improve their comfort. Also, make sure there’s room for toys and treats to keep the rabbits engaged and stimulated, promoting their physical and mental health.

By considering these factors while selecting an indoor rabbit hutch, we can ensure our rabbits have the best possible home to thrive in.


What size should an indoor rabbit hutch be?

When choosing an indoor rabbit hutch, it’s essential to consider the size as it significantly impacts your rabbit’s comfort and well-being. We recommend selecting a hutch that is at least four times the length of your rabbit when fully stretched out. You should also consider the height of the hutch, ensuring your rabbit can stand on its hind legs without any difficulty. Remember, a larger hutch is always better as it provides more space for your rabbit to move around and explore.

How do multi-level rabbit cages benefit bunnies?

Multi-level rabbit cages offer several benefits for bunnies, such as increased exercise, more living space, and mental stimulation. With multiple levels, rabbits can climb, jump, and explore different areas, promoting healthy movement and muscle development. It also helps to prevent boredom and exhibit more natural behaviors, ensuring your rabbit’s overall well-being.

What features make a modern indoor rabbit hutch stand out?

A modern indoor rabbit hutch stands out by having several useful features. Some crucial elements include easy-to-clean trays, vents for proper airflow, secure locks for safety, and removable dividers to create various configurations. Additionally, some modern hutches integrate an area for nesting, providing your rabbit with a safe and comfortable space for resting. We also appreciate hutches with built-in hay racks or feeders, making it convenient for both the rabbit and the owner.

What should be placed at the bottom of an indoor rabbit cage?

Choosing the correct bedding for your rabbit is essential to ensure their comfort, safety, and cleanliness. We recommend using soft, absorbent, and dust-free materials such as aspen shavings, recycled paper bedding, or pelleted straw. Avoid cedar or pine shavings, as they can cause respiratory issues and irritation. Adding a layer of bedding will help absorb moisture, minimize odor, and provide a comfortable surface for your rabbit to rest on. Don’t forget to change the bedding regularly to keep your rabbit’s living environment clean and hygienic.

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