Rabbits are one of the most endearing creatures, and it’s incredible to have them as pets. Even though rabbits are lightning-fast, they aren’t as strong as other pets. For instance, they cannot protect themselves from natural hazards like rain or predators. That’s why an indoor rabbit hutch is essential for creating heaven and ensuring their safety.

White Rabbit Eating Food

White Rabbit Eating Food


While the market is full of brands that make indoor rabbit enclosures, it is crucial to know what makes the best indoor rabbit hutch. In addition, since all those brands claim they are the best in the business, finding a perfect rabbit hutch for indoors requires tons of research to learn what makes an excellent indoor rabbit cage.


I have a couple of rabbits as pets, and they are happy in their AIVITUVIN cage. I bought the AIVITUVIN AIR10 rabbit cage online after researching and reading hundreds of reviews from other pet owners. is the most excellent brand, famed for making exceptional outdoor and indoor rabbit hutches.


Their products are top-rated among pet lovers, and many other brands try to plagiarize their designs. For instance, AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit enclosures are among the best-selling products on Amazon.


After investing in an AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit cage that I bought for my “Bun & Coco,” I decided to write a comprehensive, unbiased review. This post will take a closer look at why pet lovers rate AIVITUVIN rabbit hutch for indoors so high and what features they have.


In addition, I will also walk you through essential aspects, including material, security features, cleaning, and more.


Essential Aspects of an Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Remember that not all indoor rabbit cages are the same and are not one-size-fits-all. So, before investing in an indoor rabbit enclosure, you must scrutinize different aspects of your chosen product.

A well-designed and safe indoor rabbit hutch is essential for keeping your pet comfortable and safe. Aside from safety, since rabbits are naturally social, they also have some other features that can enhance their quality of life.


Here are the most critical factors for the best indoor rabbit hutches:


  • Rabbit Cage Specs


Your adorable rabbit needs a home where it can eat, drink, go to the bathroom, rest, and hide. Suitable indoor rabbit enclosures always have an exercise area attached to their home where they can play. Generally speaking, choosing an indoor rabbit cage as big as 4X times the size of your pet is ideal. The larger it is, the better it will be!


Moreover, height is another critical factor that you should keep in mind. Your rabbit should be able to hop around and stand on its hind legs without contacting the roof. In addition, always choose a rabbit hutch with a litter box, hide box, water bowl, and a place for pellets.


Furthermore, if you have a small to medium size rabbit pet like a Dutch rabbit, aim for a 24-inch wide, 24-inch high, and 36-inch long indoor rabbit enclosure. Similarly, for breeds like the Flemish Giant, find a rabbit enclosure measuring 36-inch wide, 36-inch tall, and 120-inch long.


  • Build Material of a Rabbit Hutch


The main goal for investing in an indoor rabbit cage is to create a haven for your pets and protect them from external threats like predators and natural hazards. But have you ever thought about internal threats like their build material?


Knowing that your chosen indoor rabbit enclosure is made from non-toxic materials and allows plenty of ventilation is essential. Wire-sided cages are ideal as they keep your pet from escaping, allow ventilation, and are easy to clean.


In addition, always ensure that the material is non-toxic and easy to disinfect. The floor is another important aspect that should be solid. An indoor rabbit cage with a plastic floor is easy to clean and prevents pressure sores.


Furthermore, avoid placing your rabbit cage in a damp, drafty area like a basement. Instead, put it somewhere away from direct sunlight with adequate ventilation. It is worth highlighting that rabbits love socializing and require daily interaction with their owners or other people.


  • Durability


In addition to rabbit-safe hutch materials, look for a rabbit hutch made of durable materials. You want something that should last for years. For instance, AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit hutches incorporate fir wood for the frame and can last for decades. They are also rot-resistant, chemical-free, and can withstand outdoors.


  • Pull Out Tray


Many AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit cages come with a pull-out tray, making them easy to clean. Putting wood shavings on the top of the tray will serve as absorbent bedding. So, when cleaning your rabbit hutch, pull the tray out and tip off the bedding into a compost bin. Remember, the cleaner the rabbit hutch is, the happier your pet will be!


  • Soft Flooring


Indoor rabbit cage flooring is the most underrated factor. We often forget it when buying a home for our rabbits. Rabbit hutches with hard, wired flooring will make your pet uncomfortable and can trigger open sours on its soft feet. However, you can use a plentiful supply of hay to ensure your rabbit’s feet do not touch the hard ground. Remember that your rabbit will eat grass throughout the day, so use plenty of fodder.


Moreover, you can also use vinyl to create a soft floor. This type of flooring is soft and more comfortable than framed wire or wood. Again, be aware that rabbits love chewing and can chew through it, so regularly replacing vinyl is crucial.


Indoor Rabbit Cage vs. Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


Indoor rabbit enclosures are far better than outdoor rabbit hutches due to protection, health, and environmental concerns. It is worth noting that due to a lack of sweat glands, rabbits are more prone to heat than other pets. That’s why keeping providing rabbits with an environment with temperatures around 60-75 degrees is essential.

Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Cage

Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Cage


However, if you want to keep your rabbits outdoors, create a suitable shelter to save them from environmental effects and outdoor predators. In addition to changing the water daily, providing them with plenty of straw bedding for isolation is also essential during the colder months. If the temperature dips below 40 Fahrenheit, bring your pet indoors.


Why Should You Choose AIVITUVIN Rabbit Hutch?


Here is why AIVITUVIN is popular and the best brand for indoor rabbit hutches:


  • Easy to Assemble Rabbit Hutches


Unlike pre-fixed hutches, AIVITUVIN rabbit hutches come in parts that you can quickly assemble, considering your pet’s needs. You don’t have to gather many tools except a screwdriver and an electric drill. In addition, they also allow you to build a customized bunny home and add fun features to keep your rabbit happy.


  • Spacious Floor Plan


Another excellent factor in buying AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit cages is that they come in different sizes and styles. They are also one of the most spacious hutches and allow you to keep two buns in one hutch – which is excellent considering rabbits love socializing. Some pet owners also have hutches that can comfortably fit three rabbits.


Moreover, AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit enclosures also come with an exciting design. These cabinets are double-story and divided into three areas. The enclosed, disturbance-free wooden area at the top is where your rabbit can rest. After a peaceful nap, your rabbit can use the ramp to jump to the second area covered with a wire mesh.


The third area of your AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit cage is where you will put essential accessories, such as a litter box, water bowl, etc.


  • Impressive Safety Features


Safety is one of the most crucial considerations in an indoor rabbit hutch, and I’m happy that AIVITUVIN rabbit hutches are armed with all the safety features. For instance, even if you put your rabbit hutch outdoors, your pet will find a place to hide from bad weather. In addition, the mesh on the sides is incredibly sturdy so that no predator can sneak into your rabbit hutch.


Moreover, every door of the AIVITUVIN rabbit cage has a lock, ensuring that your bunny stays inside the hutch. Additionally, door locks are also incorporated in a way that your rabbit cannot open them from the inside.


Furthermore, although the bottom trays boast framed wire mesh, the feature is optional. All the wooden parts of the hutch are painted with rabbit-safe paint. Since rabbits love to chew on wood, AIVITUVIN rabbit hutches come with a chewing toy to prevent your pet from gnawing on the hutch.


  • Accessible to Clean Rabbit Hutches


AIVITUVIN indoor rabbit enclosures have impressive built-structure for easy cleaning. Every area has a wide door for easy access and slide trays that you can easily slide out and put in. All you need is to open the door and clean that area. Similarly, just slide out the trays put the litter in the compost bin, and then slide them back in.


What Do Rabbits need in their hutch?


Here are a few things that can keep your rabbits happy:


  • Food and water


Since rabbits cannot live long without nourishment, ensure that your indoor rabbit hutch always has plenty of food and water for your pets. Never allow your rabbit to stay hungry. Some rabbit-favorite food types include:

Rabbit Hutch for Indoors

Rabbit Hutch for Indoors


  • Hay: Rabbits love grass, so provide them with plenty of it. They can eat it throughout the day. Since hay is calorie-neutral and contains fiber, it is also suitable for their health.
  • Pellets: It is an optional form of food. If your rabbit is six months of age, limit its access to pellets. While pellets are calorific, they do contain nutrition.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables are a treat for rabbits. These foods are also rich in nutrients and essential vitamins your rabbit needs. However, be cautious and avoid your pet gaining weight.


  • Toys and Entertainment


Rabbits are naturally curious, fun-loving creatures and always look for mental stimulation. So packing your indoor rabbit enclosure with toys and entertainment is an excellent idea. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy specialist toys. While basic household items can keep your rabbits happy, you can purchase other fun things from your local pet store.


Here are a few items that you can use as rabbit toys:


  • Paper: you can use paper bags, shredded newspapers, or old telephone directories. Wrap their favorite food in the paper and let them unwrap it.
  • Tunnels: Rabbits love digging and burrowing, so why not provide them with fabric tunnels? You can use cardboard boxes to create tunnels or large tubes and ceramic pipes with a wide diameter.
  • Objects to Throw or Play With: Objects, such as wicker, untreated straws, balls, baskets, and flower pots, will keep your rabbit happy. In addition, you can also add solid baby toys like skating cups, rattles, etc., to your indoor rabbit cage. However, be aware that there are no tiny parts that your rabbits can swallow.
  • Digging Opportunities: You can also provide your rabbits with some digging boxes. For instance, you can use earth-filled litter trays, cardboard boxes filled with shredded papers, or child-friendly sandpits.


  • Company is Essential


Although rabbits can live alone, they love socializing and prefer living with a mate of the same species. That’s why when buying a rabbit, stores ask you to consider two pets. If your indoor rabbit hutch is spacious, consider adding a second rabbit in it, so they don’t feel alone or neglected.


However, if a second pet is not an option, don’t worry. But you will have to step up and interact with your rabbit regularly. In addition, if you spend most of your time working, ask one of your family members or neighbor to look after your pet. Your rabbit will love having company.


Wrapping Up


Just like humans, rabbits also want a safe and comfortable place to call their home. I hope this rabbit post will help you understand what to watch for in an indoor rabbit hutch and what type of indoor rabbit enclosure is ideal for your pet.

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