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Pet rabbits offer so much companionship and fun. They require less physical care than a dog– no need to walk! But we need to understand their needs and care to ensure a long and healthy life. So we bring you our Rabbit Information and Tips to help you and your pet enjoy many years together!

Our Rabbit Information and Tips Help Keep You Informed!

We developed TheRabbitHop site to provide up-to-date information to rabbit lovers, new and old. Just starting the journey as a rabbit parent? Check out our General Information section. Not sure which breed is best for your family? We dive deep into each breed in our breeds section. Check out our post on Meet The Breeds. Wondering what to feed? Start with our post on what to feed. But don’t miss the article on what not to feed, too!

Some houseplants are pet-friendly, and others can be harmful. For information on pet-friendly plants, check out HousePlantJoy’s article on Pet-Friendly Houseplants.

In fact, we suggest you spend time reading through our site and learning more about rabbits before adding your new rabbit to your family. However, if you already have a precious bunny, our information helps you, too! There is always something new to learn about our pet rabbits.

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rabbit information and tips for all breeds

Looking Beyond



rabbit information and tips

Many people read one article on a website, then browse to others. We encourage you to do so. And, when you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We don’t have all the answers, of course. Who does? But if there is something we don’t have the answer to, we do know how to find out. And we will be happy to help!



Beyond our Rabbit Information and Tips



We love rabbits! And you probably do, too, since you are reading here. Most of us enjoy taking photos and short videos of our beloved furfriends. When you do, we invite you to share with us. Let us know if we may use your photos and videos on our site- we’d love to share your favorites with other readers. We do need written permission for any people showing in the photos but rabbit signatures are not required!


Share Stories, too

Most of us love talking about our rabbits. So we included a special “personal stories” section to our site. Send in your story, and we’d be happy to read through it and possibly add it to our personal stories section. We reserve the right to edit if needed. And an occasional story might not be accepted if it does not fit the tone of our site. Remember, we are family-friendly and rabbit friendly!



Maybe you don’t have a personal story to share, but you enjoy writing short stories or poems about rabbits. Will we accept them? Yes, most likely. Again, we do reserve the right to edit or refuse any selection that does not fit our tone. But if you enjoy writing, please consider sending in your family and rabbit-friendly submissions!


Rabbit Information and Tips and More

That’s right; our site features useful information, tips, and more. We’d like to share videos, pictures, personal stories, and more with our rabbit family friends. So go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter. And be sure to check back often to see our latest!



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