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Rabbits are playful and curious pets that love exercises and physical activities.”  We hope these tips were helpful and give you a better understanding of how to properly handle your rabbit.







Fun Facts about Rabbit

Rabbits are very effective baby-makers! Mother rabbits are pregnant for between 28-31 days, giving birth to up to 14 baby rabbits – called kittens – in a single litter. 

Prevent Rabbit Injuries in 9 Ways

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Rabbit Ear Care: Essential Tips for Healthy Ears

Rabbit Ear Care: Essential Tips for Healthy Ears Rabbits are adorable and fluffy pets that require proper care to ensure their health and well-being. One crucial aspect of rabbit care is ear care. Keeping rabbit ears healthy is important for their overall hygiene and...

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How to Choose the Right Bunny Daycare

How to Choose the Right Bunny Daycare Bunny Daycare, is that really a thing? Yes, in fact, many rabbits now enjoy a daycare adventure while their humans go off to work. Some of these daycares also offer vacation boarding which allows our sensitive bunnies less stress...

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Rabbit Sitting: Keep Your Bunny Safe

Rabbit Sitting: Keep Your Bunny Safe

Rabbit Sitting: Keep Your Bunny Safe Is Rabbit Sitting a thing? When my friend needed to go away for a week for work, she asked me what to do about Felix, her pet rabbit. Felix was her only pet and had only known her care. I suggested she contact local friends to find...

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Bunny Playpen Review: Top Choice for Small Pets

When your indoor pets itch for the great outdoors, finding a safe way to indulge their curiosity is not always easy. The steP evoL 6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House is like a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively, for house pets and their owners. This portable...

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Woiworco Rabbit Hideout Wooden Castle Review

If you’re a pet owner looking for a cozy, spacious shelter that your small furry friends can call their own, the Woiworco Extra Large Rabbit Hideout might catch your eye. My investigation into this product revealed it’s not just a simple hideout. It’s a sprawling...

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The Ultimate Guide to Rabbit Tunnels

Have you ever observed your pet rabbit eagerly exploring every nook and corner of your garden? This innate curiosity is a sign of their love for adventure. Rabbit tunnels, both the natural ones they dig in the wild and the artificial ones we create for our pet...

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