A Creme D’Argent rabbit is among the rare other breeds of bunnies nowadays. It boasts an orange-fawn or orange-silver coat. Breeders also consider the breed an excellent choice for a pet rabbit due to its calm yet sweet personality. Hence, many are interested in keeping it as a pet. Are Creme D’Argent rabbits suitable pets for you? Let’s find out!

A young Creme d'Argent rabbit breed

Imagine a shimmering creamy orange. That was my first impression of the Creme D’Argent. While still quite rare breed, this breed shows up at local shows occasionally. When I first saw them, I could not believe the beautiful colors that sparkled on them. And their personality sparkled, too!

I was tempted to add one to our home. But since we keep small rabbits, I resisted. If enthusiasts ever scale them down to a dwarf version, I’ll be ready to add one to our family! What a beautiful bunny!

Facts about Creme D’Argent Rabbit Breed



Body Size


Body Weight

8.5 lbs to 11 lbs

Body Shape



7 to 9 years


Orange-fawn or orange silver



Similar Breeds

Champagne d’argent

Best Suited for

New rabbit owners, families with older children, singles, couples, seniors



Background and History

  The origin of the creme dargent rabbit breed was uncertain. But breeders spotted it in France during the mid-late of 1800s. In 1877, Live Stock Journal mentioned the breed, describing a rabbit exhibition. Because of their furs, the Creme D’Argent rabbits became popular. Many used their coats to create fashionable clothes. In 1924, breeders from New York imported the breed. It had a smaller and longer body than the Creme D’Argents today. Mr. Harry Clauss made the breed “Americanized”. He made its body more commercial, improving it to meat and show type. Many believed that he paired it up with the Golden Palominos.  The first presentation of the Creme D’Argents was in Fort Wayne, Indiana, during a convention in 1936. Because of the rabbits’ popularity, the Creme D’Argents were accepted by ARBA in 1938. There are seven Argente breeds. But only two were recognized: the Champagne D’ Argent and the Creme D’Argent. Unfortunately, the breed is now considered rare. ARBA and Creme D’Argent Rabbit Federation reported that the breed’s population was less than 1,000. In fact, they became extinct even in France. But the Livestock Breeds Conservancy moved it from the “watch” to the “recovering”. It is the because of the increasing population of the bunny as a show and pet rabbit.

Features of Creme D’ Argent Rabbit Breed


Weighing 8.5 lbs to 11 lbs, Creme D’ Argent rabbits are considered large breeds. Does can reach 8.5 to 11 lbs while 8 to 10.5 lbs for bucks. However, the recorded heaviest Creme D’ Argent was 18 lbs. This breed can measure up to 13 inches tall when upright. Since they are commercial type, they have full shoulders, solid and muscular hindquarters and medium-sized ears. They also have round heads and short muzzles. 

Like other Argente breeds, a Creme D’ Argent possesses short, rollback fur. Besides its body features, this bunny is also known for its color. Its coat is creamy white with a light orange hue, and the undercoat may have various colors. These are cream, white, gray, chestnut brown, and reddish tones. When seen in proper lighting, they seem to almost glitter.

Because of the silver gene of the bunny, its white furs increase as it ages. Changes in coat colors are noticeable. They may turn orange-fawn, orange-silver, or creamy-orange. Other varieties are present, like gray, brown, black, and white. However, ARBA only accepts one variety: an orange-fawn or orange silver. Watch the video below to learn more about the Creme D’ Argent’s fur and body.

Temperament and Behavior



At first encounter, a Creme D’Argent may seem timid. But as you win its trust, it easily shows affection towards you. A Creme D’Argent rabbit breed is also easy to handle and pick up since it has been developed as a show rabbit. It is also liked by many because of its laid-back temperament. 

Due to their docile personality, Creme D’Argent rabbits make ideal pets for new rabbit owners. You won’t also don’t have to overextend yourselves to win their trust because of their relaxed nature. Moreover, these bunnies are friendly and sweet. Thus, they are excellent pets for families, seniors, couples, and singles. 

As gentle pets, these rabbits also get along with other bunnies. You will rarely see them picking fights with those that are smaller than them. They can also get along with other household pets. But ensure that your dog or cat is not aggressive and territorial. As an intelligent breed, you can train a Creme D’Argent how to use its litter boxes. They also learn quite a few simple tricks, though their size prohibits some of the rabbit agility work.

Since a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed is large, it might not be a suitable pet for small children. The children may mishandle them, leading to injuries and accidents. Another setback that you may encounter is finding this bunny, since they are sol rare. You may have difficulty looking for this breed in pet stores. These bunnies can be seen on rabbitries run by breeders.

Grooming Creme D’Argent Rabbit Breed


Grooming a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed is easy thanks to its short and soft fur! You should only brush its coat at least once or twice a week. But if it is shedding, you must groom it more often to prevent it from ingesting its loose furs. Since rabbits have sensitive skin, you must use brushes that would not injure your pet. Consider a soft-bristle brush intended for cats.

You should never bathe him, even if your bunny gets a dirty spot on its coat. Bunnies are sensitive to cold temperatures. Soaking them in water may result in stress or heart disease. Besides, damp rabbits are more likely to suffer from flystrike. If you must clean your pet, get a damp towel and gently wipe the bunny’s coat. The coat of the Creme D’Argent cleans quite easily.

Although Creme D’Argent rabbits are show rabbits, they don’t need to bathe to keep their coats shiny. In fact, washing them can remove the natural oil that keeps their coats shiny. When preparing for a show, you can rub a small amount of prescribed conditioner on the bunny’s coat. Do it as gently as possible. 

Besides its coat, you must ensure that your bunny’s nails are trimmed. Long, curved nails can lead to accidents and traumatic experiences for your pet. You can cut its nails at least once every six to eight weeks. We check them each week, just to be sure. If you don’t know how to do it, you can ask a vet or groomer to trim your bunny’s nails. 

Lastly, checking your rabbit’s teeth is necessary. Unlike other pets, rabbits’ teeth don’t stop growing. Overgrown teeth may lead to the loss of appetite, leading to gastrointestinal stasis. Providing your bunny with chew toys and twigs can help trim its teeth. But most importantly, provide it with enough hay for healthy teeth.

grooming a rabbit

Proper Diet



Similar to other rabbits, a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed requires enough fiber in its diet. As hindgut fermenters, rabbits need hay to aid their digestion. 70% to 80% of their diet must consist of hay. You can choose from different types, such as Timothy hay, alfalfa, or oat hay. Selecting suitable hay depends on your bunny’s age and nutritional requirements.

Moreover, this furry pet also needs vitamins and minerals from leafy greens. Leafy greens and microgreens are good sources of antioxidants and water. However, they should be given to your bunny in moderation. Also, prevent giving veggies high in oxalates. It may lead to painful gas or kidney problems. For more information, check out our articles on feeding rabbits:

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Do Rabbits Need Pellets?

Pellets are unnecessary if you are giving enough hay to your rabbit. But if it needs supplements, you can add pellets to its diet. But make sure that the pellets are high in crude fiber. Also, prevent giving commercial pellets combined with dried fruits and nuts. Although they are tempting, they are bad for your bunny’s health. See our article on other things to avoid feeding your rabbit.

If you want to add variations to your rabbit’s diet, you can feed your pet some treats. But they must be given sparingly to prevent imbalance in your bunny’s gut. A small number of berries and a slice of apple (without seeds) can make your pet happy and satisfied. There are also nutritious and safe flowers you can provide as treats for your pet.

Due to the large sizes of Creme D’Argent rabbits, some are tempted to overfeed them. It may lead to obesity, resulting in severe health conditions. You must also not give them snacks rich in carbs since they may suffer from digestive problems. Giving these bunnies enough water is necessary to regulate their temperature.

Enclosure for Creme D’Argent Rabbit Breed



As large breeds, Creme D’Argent rabbits need spacious enclosures to remain comfortable. You must provide it with at least a 30” x 36” hutch. As a general rule, the space inside the enclosure must be three to four times larger than the body of your bunny. Thus, it will have enough room to stretch and hop around.

For enough exercise for a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed, it is better to provide it with a two-story enclosure. However, ensure that the hutch is above the ground, keeping the bunny safe from predators. Aside from that, it must also be completely fenced to prevent your rabbit from escaping. 

Furthermore, you must provide the supplies your bunny needs. Some of these are a food bowl, a water bottle, bedding, and a litter box (you can use a cat litter). As a reminder, the bedding of your bunny must be safe to chew. Aspen shavings, hay bedding, and straw bedding are some of the safe bedding for this bunny.

Besides the enclosure’s size and the supplies, consider where you should put the cage. It must be protected from the sun’s direct heat or heavy rains. Since rabbits are prey animals, you should keep them away from loud noises. You should prevent them from getting stressed.

But to keep this bunny indoors, you must make your house rabbit-proof. It is part of the rabbit’s instinct to chew and dig. Unfortunately, some mistook cables and wires as roots, resulting in electrocution. You should keep the cables away by hanging them on the walls or blocking them with your furniture. 

Breeding Creme D’Argent Rabbit Breed



With average kits of five to eight per litter, a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed is known as a good mothers. Hence, they are suitable for breeding. You can breed this bunny once it turns eight to nine months old. It takes them one month to gestate. For kits, weaning starts once they are between five to seven weeks old. 

Because of this breed’s rarity, little is known regarding its breeding. However, Rabbits breeder are encouraged to increase the number of Creme D’Argent rabbits. These bunnies are bred for different purposes. They are raised for pets and for show.

We encourage you to work with the breeder of your rabbit if you choose to try breeding. The breeder knows his stock and can help select the right match for your bunny. And he also provides a wealth of information when babies arrive.

A baby Creme D' Argent rabbit breed

Health Issues of Creme D’Argent Rabbit Breed





Creme D’Argent rabbits are not susceptible to a specific disease. But they may suffer from conditions common to all rabbits. One of these is flystrike. It happens when flies lay their eggs on the bunny’s fur or skin. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae will start feeding the rabbit’s flesh for nourishment. It may only take 24 hours for the bunny to survive.

Rabbits that are poorly groomed are more prone to this condition. It is because flies love to lay eggs in damp areas. Because of their dirty bottoms, bunnies with diarrhea or GI stasis can have the disease. You must also keep the enclosure of your bunny clean and dry.

Appetite loss, open sores, and maggots under the rabbit’s skin are some flystrike symptoms. Because of pain, your pet may become lethargic. It may also smell bad because of its wounds or even collapse. Once you notice these symptoms, you must bring your bunny to the vet. 



Ear Mites


Another condition that a bunny may experience is ear mites. It is caused by parasites called Psoroptes cuniculi. Rabbits that ear mites often scratch their ears because of itchiness and discomfort. It may also have lesions and hair loss around its neck, abdomen, and feet. A thick, brown fluid may also come from the rabbit’s ears.

Vets treat this condition by prescribing anti-parasite injections or spot-on treatments. It may take more than three weeks before your bunny can entirely get rid of the mites. Keep the bunny isolated from other rabbits during treatment to prevent infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions



Is a Creme D’Argent rabbit breed a meat-type rabbit?


Yes, a Creme D’Argent is a meat-type rabbit. However, it is smaller compared to other commercial-type bunnies. But it is still categorized as a large breed. The original Creme D’Argents had smaller and longer bunnies than the ones we have today.

But don’t let that prevent you from choosing a creme D’Argent for your pet. Breeders select their top show and breeding stock to keep but might have a pet-quality bunny that would make a perfect pet.



Are Creme D’Argent rabbits challenging to find?


Unfortunately, Creme D’Argent rabbits are difficult to find. In 2006, ARBA recorded that the breed’s population was already below 1,000. It also became extinct in all countries except in US and UK. However, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy moved its category from “watch” to “recovering”.

An Argent rabbit

Is the Creme d’Argent rabbit breed your next pet?


A Creme D’Argent rabbit breed is a showstopper because of its unique and gorgeous coat. Because of its docile and relaxed nature, it is an excellent pet for families with older children. Seniors, couples, and singles also love its easygoing and sweet demeanor. Unfortunately, Creme D’Argent rabbits are one of the rarest bunnies nowadays.

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