Hey there, fellow rabbit lovers! Are you searching for a playpen that keeps your furry pals safe and happy? You’re in luck! In this Toddleroo playpen review, I’ll share my experiences and thoughts. We’ll see how this playpen can be the perfect exercise pen for rabbits.

Hop into the World of Playpens: Toddleroo Playpen Review

As a bunny parent, I know that giving a safe and fun environment is essential. With so many playpens out there, finding the best one can be hard. That’s why I chose to try the Toddleroo playpen and share all the details with you.

In the playpen  reviews, we’ll cover the key features of the Toddleroo playpen. We’ll talk about its durability, versatility, and ease of use. We’ll also look at the setup process and how well it works overall. By the end of this review, you’ll determine if this playpen is right for your bunnies.

So, let’s start this exciting journey together! We’ll explore everything about the Toddleroo playpen. I can’t wait to share all the fantastic aspects with you. I’m sure you’ll be just as excited to learn about it as I am to tell you. Are you ready? Let’s hop right into this Toddleroo playpen review!


Brand: North States

Color: Multicolor

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 262.5 x 2 x 26 inches

Floor Area: 34.4 Sq. Ft.

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 25 lbs

Style: 8-Panel

Ratings: 4.6 out of 5


Toddleroo Playpen: A Brief Overview


In this part of our Toddleroo playpen review, let’s get a simple idea of what this playpen is all about. The Toddleroo playpen works as an exercise pen for rabbits. It gives a secure and fun space for your bunnies to hop, play, and rest.

The playpen is made of high-quality materials, ensuring it’s strong and lasts a long time. The lightweight panels make it easy to put together, you can find an inexpensive outdoor fencing for toddlers and a secure baby play wall on internet but most of the playpen is a little bit pricy. You can arrange the playpen in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. The playpen, designed for both safety and affordability, also has secure locks to keep your furry friends safe, making it a versatile and reliable choice for an inexpensive outdoor fencing for toddlers and a secure baby play wall.

Now that you have a brief idea of the Toddleroo playpen, we’ll go deeper into its features in the next parts. We’ll talk about the setup process, how well it works, and the good and bad points. This will help you decide if it’s right for your bunnies.

So, stay with us as we learn more about the Toddleroo playpen and how it can be the best exercise pen for rabbits. By the end of this review, you’ll discover all about what this playpen can do. This will make it easy to choose if it’s the perfect playpen for your furry pals.


Toddleroo Playpen’s Awesome Features



Now, we’ll explore the playpen’s key features. These make it a great exercise pen for rabbits. We’ll talk about what makes it different from other playpens and how it gives your bunnies a safe, fun space.

1. Strong Materials and Build

The Toddleroo playpen can surely last. It has high-quality materials like heavy-duty plastic. This makes it strong, so your bunnies can play without breaking it. Plus, it won’t wear down over time.

2. Big and Easy to Change

One of the best features of the Toddleroo playpen is how big it is. It has many panels that you can put together to make a large play area. This gives your rabbits lots of space to run, hop, and explore.

The playpen is also easy to change. You can make it into different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. This is perfect for creating fun play areas that keep your bunnies happy.

3. Simple to Set Up and Take Down

Putting up the Toddleroo playpen is a piece of cake! The lightweight panels connect easily. You don’t need tools or confusing instructions. Taking the playpen down is just as easy. Just disconnect the panels, and you’re done.

4. Safe Locks

Keeping our furry friends safe is important. The Toddleroo playpen has secure locks to make sure your rabbits stay in their play area. The locks are easy to use but hard for your bunnies to unlock.

5. Non-Slip Pads

The Toddleroo playpen comes with non-slip pads. You can attach these to the bottom of the panels. They help keep the playpen in place and stop it from moving on smooth floors.

6. Easy to Clean

Keeping your rabbits’ play area clean is key for their health. The Toddleroo playpen is easy to clean. Just wipe the panels with a damp cloth or a mild soap mix to keep it looking and smelling nice.

7. Can Be Made Bigger

If you want a bigger play area, you can expand the Toddleroo playpen. You can buy more panels and connect them to your playpen. This lets you make the play area as big as you need for your growing rabbit family.

8. Usable Inside and Outside

You can use the Toddleroo playpen both indoors and outdoors, including as a waiting room. Set it up in your home, yard, or at the park for a fun day out. The playpen is made of materials that can handle different weather, making it great for outdoor play and serving as a waiting room. Just make sure your bunnies have shade and water to stay comfy and safe while they wait.

10. Good Airflow and Easy to See In

The Toddleroo playpen has a panel design that lets air flow well and makes it easy to see inside. The open-grid style keeps your rabbits cool and comfy while they play. Plus, you can keep an eye on them to make sure they’re safe.

11. Portable and Easy to Store

The Toddleroo playpen is portable and includes packing tape, making it great for travel or moving it between rooms. The lightweight panels, secured with packing tape, are easy to carry. When you disassemble the playpen, it doesn’t take up much space, and using packing tape during storage makes it even more convenient. This makes packing tape-assisted storage a breeze when it’s not in use.

12. Customizable with Accessories

You can make the Toddleroo playpen even more fun for your rabbits by adding accessories like wall toys. Toys, tunnels, and hiding spots can be placed inside the playpen, along with wall toys. So you create an exciting and stimulating environment for your pets.

13. Easy to Monitor Your Rabbits

With the open-grid design and excellent hand-eye coordination, it’s simple to keep an eye on your rabbits while they’re in the Toddleroo playpen. This lets you monitor their behavior and movements, ensuring they’re safe and having a good time.

14. It Can Be Used with a Mat or Flooring

If you want to provide your rabbits with a softer surface to play on, you can place a mat or flooring underneath. This adds extra comfort for your pets and keeps your floors clean and scratch-free.


Pros and Cons of Toddleroo Playpen


Let’s move on folks! I’ll be sharing with you the pros and cons I’ve experienced in this part of my Toddleroo playpen review. By discussing both the good and the bad, you can decide if the Toddleroo playpen is the right choice for you.



1. Super Adaptable Design

I’ve found that the Toddleroo playpen is super adaptable. You can change its shape and size to fit your space perfectly. This flexibility has been a huge plus for me!


2. Indoor-Outdoor Friendly

I really like that this playpen works well both indoors and outdoors. It provides a safe and secure environment for my rabbits wherever they are.


3. No-Tools Assembly

Putting together and taking apart the Toddleroo playpen is super easy. There are no tools needed. This is a big plus, especially when you have to move or store it.


4. Room to Grow

The playpen can be expanded by adding extra panels. This is great when your rabbits need more space or when I welcome new bunnies into the family.


5. Built to Last

The Toddleroo playpen is made of high-quality materials, so it’s durable and long-lasting. I know it’ll stand up to regular use and be a reliable play area for your bunnies.


6. Safe and Secure

It has a locking system and tall panels. So your rabbits will stay safe and sound from potential dangers or escape attempts. This will give you ease of mind while they play.


7. Easy Cleanup

The open-grid design of the playpen makes cleaning a breeze. You can just wipe the panels down or hose them off, so your rabbits always have a clean space to play in.


8. Portable and Simple Storage

The lightweight panels are convenient to carry, and the playpen can be taken apart for compact storage. This is a big advantage when you need to move it or when storage space is limited.


9. Promotes Exercise

The spacious design will encourage your rabbits to play and exercise. This will keep them healthy and happy.


10. Customizable Fun

You can add toys, tunnels, and hiding spots to make the playpen even more enjoyable for your rabbits.



Pricey: At first, I thought the Toddleroo playpen was a bit more expensive than other playpens. However, its durability and flexibility convinced me that it’s worth the cost.


1. Not for Tiny Bunnies

If you have really small rabbits, the Toddleroo playpen might not be the best choice. They could potentially squeeze through the panel gaps. So, if you have tiny bunnies, double-check the panel spacing before buying.


2. Needs a Mat or Flooring

The playpen doesn’t come with a floor or mat. So you have to buy one separately to protect your floors and give your rabbits a comfy surface to play on.


3. Extra Panels Sold Separately

If you want to expand the playpen, you’ll need to buy additional panels, which adds to the overall cost.


4. Adjustment Period

My rabbits took some time to get used to their new playpen. But once they were comfortable, they loved the space and freedom it provided.


5. Limited Colors

The Toddleroo playpen doesn’t have many color options. But the available colors are neutral and fit with most home decor styles.


6. Not for Jumpers

If your rabbits love to jump high, the playpen might not be tall enough to keep


Wrapping Up Our Toddleroo Playpen Review


So, here we are at the end of our Toddleroo playpen review. After looking at all the details, I think this playpen is a great choice for rabbit owners. It’s easy to set up, has a flexible design, and can be adjusted to fit different rabbit sizes. It’s more than just a playpen—it’s a fun and safe space for your bunnies to enjoy.

Of course, there are a few downsides, like the price and the gaps between panels for small rabbits. You’ll need to think about these things before deciding if the Toddleroo playpen is right for you. But in my opinion, the good points outweigh the bad.

As a fellow rabbit lover, I know how important it is to give our pets a secure and fun place to hop around. That’s what the Toddleroo playpen does. It lets your rabbits have their own space and keeps them safe and happy at the same time.

Remember, our goal is to keep our furry friends entertained and healthy. The Toddleroo playpen helps us do just that. So, if you need a sturdy and flexible playpen for your rabbits, give the Toddleroo playpen a try. I’m sure both you and your bunnies will be happy with it.

Thanks for joining me as we explored the Toddleroo playpen together. I hope this review helps you make the best choice for your precious bunnies. Good luck and happy hopping!


How big is the Toddleroo playpen?

The playpen comes in various sizes, but most models measure around 34.4 square feet. Remember to check the product specifications for the exact dimensions before purchasing.

Can I use it outside?

Yes! The Toddleroo playpen is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Just be sure to provide your rabbits protection from harsh weather conditions.

Is it easy to assemble and disassemble?

Yes, it’s quite simple! The playpen consists of interlocking panels that don’t require any tools to connect. Follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free assembly and disassembly process.

Can I expand the playpen?

Of course! You can purchase additional panels to increase the size of the playpen. This is particularly useful if you have multiple rabbits. Maybe you also have other small pets that require more space.

Will my rabbits escape from the playpen?

The playpen is designed to be secure, but some rabbits may still find a way to escape. Regularly inspect the playpen for any gaps or weaknesses. Ensure it remains clean to minimize the chances of escape.

How do I clean the playpen?

Cleaning is easy – Wipe the panels with a damp cloth or use soapy water for a more thorough clean. For an in-depth cleaning, disassemble the playpen and wash each individual panel.

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