The best pet rabbit breed for you may be challenging to find since many bunnies breeds are available. Also, you have to take some considerations when picking the right pet for you. You must also check if you can provide the attention, food, and environment they need. Once neglected, bunnies can have illnesses and die.

This blog post will help you choose the best pet rabbit breed. We cited the pros and cons of each bunny, making it easier for you to decide. As you read more, you will know the behaviors and care needs of some of the popular rabbit breeds. 

Holland Lop

Holland lop is one of the popular rabbit breeds. Since their maximum weight is only 4 lbs, they are considered the smallest lop-eared breed. Holland lops are initially timid, but as they become comfortable, they become affectionate. They thrive on attention and companionship. 

These bunnies are also active, so they need to get outdoors to socialize with other people. Since Holland lops are calm and docile, they are one of the best pet rabbit breed for children. They are easy to handle and enjoy the cuddly time. Thus, single people and couples love them as pets.

When it comes to personality, bucks are more affectionate and less nippy compared to does. Some breeders notice that does become nippy during the mating season. They also get easily afraid and threatened. However, does are neater, while bucks tend to get messier and destroy more items. These bunnies love to chew a lot, so ensure you provide them with chew toys.

Pros of Getting Holland Lops Cons of Getting Holland Lops
  • Affectionate when they become comfortable with their owners
  • Thrive on attention and companionship
  • Calm and docile personality
  • Easy to handle and enjoy cuddly time
  • Best pet for families with older and younger children, single people, and couples
  • Does are sometimes nippy during mating season
  • Bucks tend to get messy
  • Love to chew items




Lionhead rabbits are popular for their mane-like wool. Of all the domesticated bunnies, they are the timidest. But once you win their trust, they are playful and love attention. These bunnies form close bonds with their owners. They also appreciate cuddling and petting. Lionheads are also intelligent creatures. Thus, they are easier to train than other average rabbits,

Since these bunnies are bright, you can litter train them. Aside from that, they can understand commands like play, come, and eat. You must also provide them with mentally stimulating toys, preventing boredom. To provide for their social needs, you must at least get a pair of Lionhead. 

Although the majority of Lionheads are good-tempered, some are skittish. Be careful when introducing them to new rabbits since they tend to get territorial. These bunnies are not ideal for kids because they quickly get frightened. They may bite when in distress. Perfect owners are families with older children, couples, and single individuals.

Pros of Getting Lionheads Cons of Getting Lionheads
  • Playful and love attention
  • Form close bonds with their owners
  • Appreciate cuddling and petting
  • Easier to train than average rabbits
  • Ideal for families with older children, couples, and single individuals
  • Timid
  • Some are skittish
  • Tend to get aggressive and territorial with new rabbits
  • Easily get frightened



Mini Rex

Because they are calm, Mini Rex rabbits are ideal for families looking for the best pet rabbit breed. They are also easy to handle since they are small. However, supervise your younger children when handling these bunnies to prevent injury. 

Their coats are also hypoallergenic. Thus, they are perfect for rabbit owners who have allergies to fur. Their furs have less dander than other bunnies, even when shedding. You will also find it easier to groom them because of their short, velvety fur. Another good quality of Mini Rex is that they are great mothers, so breeding them is much easier.

You should get a pair of Mini Rex since they are sociable. However, if you are looking for pets you can quickly train, this bunny may not be the one for you. It takes a lot of patience and time before Mini Rex rabbits can learn tricks. But overall, they are sweet, making wonderful pets for singles, couples, and retirees.

Pros of Getting Mini Rex Rabbits Cons of Getting Mini Rex Rabbits
  • Perfect as a first-time pet for children
  • Easy to handle
  • Coats are hypoallergenic
  • Easy to groom
  • Great mothers, so breeding is easier
  • Wonderful pets for singles, couples, and retirees
  • Take a lot of patience and time before they learn tricks



American Fuzzy Lop

Another popular rabbit breed you should include in your list is the American Fuzzy Lop bunny. Since they are energetic, they are ideal as first-time pets for families with children. Aside from that, couples who want to go to the next step may want to care for these lovely bunnies. 

As social animals, they can quickly get along with humans and other rabbit companions. When they are indoors, these rabbits want to spend time with their families. However, you must let them play outdoors to exercise and socialize. You will also find their coats easy to groom. 

If you live in a noisy and hot place, these rabbits may not be the right fit. They are easily startled and frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. Because of their fur, American Fuzzy Lops are susceptible to hot temperatures. Health issues that are common to these bunnies are flystrike and wool block.

Pros of Getting American Fuzzy Lops Cons of Getting American Fuzzy Lops
  • Ideal as first-time pets for families with children and couples
  • Quickly get along with humans and other rabbit companions
  • Love to spend time with families
  • Coats are easy to groom
  • Easily startled and frightened by loud noises and sudden movements
  • Susceptible to hot temperatures
  • Prone to flystrike and wool block




Dutch rabbits are among the most popular rabbit breeds due to their distinct pattern. In addition, they are among the friendliest domesticated bunnies. Because of their gentleness, Dutch rabbits have no trouble getting along with kids. They are also playful, so your kids will surely love them. These rabbits also thrive on attention.

Besides their personality, these bunnies are also intelligent. You can teach them some tricks, and you can expect them to learn in a short time. You must place some mentally stimulating toys inside their hutch to avoid boredom. 

Extensive activities are needed by Dutch rabbits because they are active breeds. They require plenty of time outdoors. Once they stay too long in their cage, they become depressed and bored. Since they are small, you have to spend time with them while they are playing and exercising outdoors. It is to protect them against predators.

Pros of Getting Dutch Rabbits Cons of Getting Dutch Rabbits
  • Among the friendliest domesticated bunnies
  • Have no trouble getting along with kids because of their gentle disposition
  • Playful and thrive in attention
  • Can learn tricks since they are smart pets
  • Require extensive activities to stay healthy
  • Become depressed and bored when in the cage for too long
  • Spend time with them while they are outdoors



Netherland Dwarf

One of the most miniature dwarf rabbits, the Netherland Dwarf may not be an excellent pet for kids. But it may be the best pet rabbit breed for adults. Inheriting the behavior of wild rabbits, they tend to get skittish and aloof. They also don’t like to be picked up or held tightly. When frightened, these bunnies may bite and scratch.

However, Netherland Dwarfs become very affectionate once they trust you. Exposure to extensive activities can help them be outgoing since they are active. They also thrive in a quiet environment where they can spend time with their owners. These bunnies are ideal for experienced rabbit owners, couples, and single individuals.

Intelligent than other rabbit breeds, Netherland Dwarfs are trainable. They are also easy to litter-train since they poop on one spot only. You must also provide ample space since they love to hop around the house. 

Pros of Getting Netherland Dwarf Rabbits Cons of Getting Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
  • Best pet rabbit breed for adults
  • Very affectionate when you earn their trust
  • Active and energetic bunnies
  • Ideal pets for experienced owners, couples, and single individuals
  • Intelligent than other rabbits, so they are easy to train
  • Not ideal pets for kids
  • Tend to get skittish and aloof
  • Don’t like to be picked up or held tightly
  • May bite and scratch when frightened
  • Require large space



Mini Lop

One of the popular rabbit breeds when it comes to the best temperament is the Mini lop. These bunnies are loved for their laid-back and easygoing personalities. They are perfect family pets that can get along with all the family members- from the youngest to the oldest! Mini lops love the attention too much that they may bite or kick you when you ignore them!

Thanks to their intelligence, Mini lops can be potty trained easily. They can also recognize their names. You won’t also have to worry about grooming them since their coats are easy to maintain. In addition to that, these rabbits are not susceptible to any specific illnesses. However, you must let them spend time outdoors since they love to exercise and play outside.

Even though Mini lops can get along with other rabbits, they are frightened by the loud noises of cats and dogs. If you have these household pets, they may not be a good companion for your Mini lop.

Pros of Getting Mini Lops Cons of Getting Mini Lops
  • Laid-back and easygoing
  • Can quickly get along with all family members
  • Love attention
  • Trainable
  • Coats easy to maintain
  • Not susceptible to specific illnesses
  • May bite and kick when ignored
  • Frightened by loud noises
  • Don’t get along with other household pets like cats and dogs



Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant rabbits are included on the list of popular rabbit breeds. Despite their enormous bodies, these bunnies are gentle giants. They are docile, calm, and sweet-natured. For this reason, Flemish Giants are lovely family pets. Surprisingly, these rabbits are so intelligent that they pick their favorite person.

Impressively, they can also learn how to use their litter boxes, and you can teach them some tricks. Flemish Giants also greet their owners through different actions. Examples of these are nudging you with their noses or sitting beside you. Because of their short furs, they only require mild grooming.

Despite their temperament, Flemish Giants are not for everyone. They require massive space since they weigh 15 lbs and measure up to 2.5 to 3 feet. You also have to give them large amounts of food to stay healthy. Although friendly, these giants can bite and kick if mishandled and stroked too much. They are also prone to obesity, sore hocks, and snuffles.

Pros of Getting Flemish Giants Cons of Getting Flemish Giants
  • Docile, calm, and sweet-natured
  • Wonderful family pets
  • Loyal to their favorite people
  • Can learn how to use litter boxes and recognize their names
  • Greet their owners through different actions
  • Only require mild grooming
  • Require huge space where they can move comfortably
  • Need large amounts of food to stay healthy
  • Can bite and kick if mishandled and stroked too much
  • Prone to obesity, sore hocks, and snuffles



English Angora

If you are a busy person or you have a busy household, English Agora is the best pet rabbit breed for you! They don’t require much attention since they can thrive as individuals. However, interacting and playing with them will also help their behaviors flourish. They also get along with kids since they are not ill-tempered and skittish.

English Angoras are also sociable and love to spend time with their owners. They are also perfect pets for singles and couples. Since they love to be groomed, they have special bonds with their groomers.

Due to their long coats, English Angoras require special attention on grooming. They also don’t like to be picked up, so you better warn your kids first. Like other rabbit breeds, they may bite when frightened. These bunnies are also prone to wool block, especially if you don’t brush their coats.

Pros of Getting English Angoras Cons of Getting English Angoras
  • Don’t require too much attention
  • Get along with kids since they are not ill-tempered and skittish
  • Sociable and love to spend time with owners
  • Perfect for singles and couples
  • Have special bonds with their groomers
  • Require special attention on grooming
  • Don’t like to be picked up
  • May bite when frightened
  • Prone to wool block




Polish rabbits are adorable and wonderful family pets. Unlike other breeds, these bunnies love to be picked up, cuddled, and petted. Thus, kids love to have them around. However, make sure to supervise your kids when handling Polish rabbits. They are small, so they are prone to falls and injuries.

Singles, couples, and families with children are the perfect owners for these pets. They are also curious, playful, and intelligent. However, Polish rabbits require ample space despite their sizes. They are very active rabbits that must be outdoors for five to six hours daily. Confining them inside their cages for too long can make them depressed.

Another downside of owning Polish rabbits is that they don’t get along with other bunnies. You need to place them in a separate hutch. Aside from that, unspayed does tend to get feisty and territorial. They cannot also withstand places with high temperatures.

Pros of Getting Polish Rabbits Cons of Getting Polish Rabbits
  • Wonderful family pets
  • Love to be picked up, cuddled, and petted
  • Quickly get along with kids
  • Perfect for singles, couples, and families with children
  • Curious, playful, and intelligent
  • Require large space
  • Need to be outdoors for five to six hours
  • Get distressed and depressed when in cages for too long
  • Don’t get along with other bunnies
  • Unspayed does are feisty and territorial
  • Cannot withstand places with high temperatures





The best pet rabbit breed will bring joy and love to your home. Although popular rabbit breeds differ in behavior, they will pull your heartstrings. You must choose a bunny you can love and care for many years. When loved, bunnies are the best companions that you can have.


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