Why would I recommend that rabbits make great pets for all ages? Truly, we love our furry friends, including our dogs and cats. But some people cannot have them due to time constraints. For others, it might be a noise issue. we also love our bunnies. Or perhaps you just love the idea of a vegan buddy. 


Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Pets For All Ages


There are a lot of misconceptions about rabbits as pets. People might think that they’re boring or that they don’t require a lot of care. But the reality is that rabbits can be fun, loving companions for people of all ages. In fact, rabbits make great indoor pets and have tons of personality. They are playfu and adorable. And they make great companions. If you are looking for a new pet, check out these reasons why you should consider a rabbit for your next pet.


Let’s Consider These Facts


1. Great Companions

Most of us want a pet for companionship. And like our canine friends, rabbits bond closely with their owners. Not only will your bunny recognize you and your voice, he will also react to seeing you. Like a pet dog, he will also want to follow you around your home. Once he learns his name and a few simple words, your pet rabbit will likely come when you call him and probably jump into your lap when he can.

rabbits are great pets


2. Rabbits are quiet pets

Need a quiet pet? Yes, this is another reason that rabbits make great pets. While some dogs are quieter than others, any of them might sound the alarm at times. And cats can have quite a loud meow cry, too. Our feathered friends may even shriek. But rabbits? Not a sound. They are capable of making sounds but usually only under extreme duress, such as when attacked. It is unlikely that your pet rabbit will ever be heard. 

Hamsters and other little noctural friends are often known for keeping light sleepers awake. But not your bunny pal. He may choose to nibble quietly on his hay for a few minutes here and there, but pet rabbits usually are quite quiet at night, too.


Lop rabbits are great pets
rabbits are great pets for all ages


Why are rabbits so quiet?

Simply put, rabbits are prey animals. In the wild, they stay quiet to avoid being found by a hungry predator. 

rabbits are great pets


3. Small Spaces Suffice

Many people living in small homes and apartments seek a pet that needs less space. A pet rabbit doesn’t require a large area to be happy. They appreciate a secure home where they can stretch out and relax, and have their food, water, and a litterbox. 

Or course, they need some exercise outside of the cage. For this, a small room suffices, although they are quite happy to follow you around your living space. If you have an outdoor patio or yard, your rabbit will appreciate some outside time when the weather is nice. We recommend either an exercise pen or train him to a harness and lead.


rabbits are great pets


4. Pets with personality!

Just like dogs, cats, and even people, rabbits have distinctive personalities. They can be quite charming, affectionate, and loving. Some may come across as more aloof, while others want more attention. Some are playful, others more cuddly. 

Keep this in mind when choosing your furry companion. While you might be attracted to a certain color, markings, or even ear length, the personality of your rabbit is even more important. Find one that fits your lifestyle.

rabbits are great pets


5. Many choices of color, markings, sizes, and shapes

The American Rabbit Breeders Association, ARBA, currently recognizes 50 different breeds of rabbits, most of which have a variety of colors and markings within the breed. And many more breeds have yet to attain ARBA acceptance. 

These 50 breeds are divided into various size categories ranging from the tiny Netherland Dwarf, which also claims the most color varieties, to the huge Flemish Giant. Other categories include fur type. You might want a fluffy long-haired angora type, a plush velvet type with rex fur, the shimmery satin coat type, or the standard coats.

Then there is the type. Some rabbits naturally sit upright, seeming to usually be alert and on guard. Others naturally sprawl out in a relaxed fashion. Some types are long and lean. Others are more compact.

English Angora Rabbits


6. Long Lives Ensure Rabbits Make Great Pets For  Long Time

In the wild, rabbits rarely live as long as they biologically can. Predators are everywhere, and dangers abound.

Our pet rabbits live a life of secure luxury. They don’t need to forage for food or run from predators. Weather changes don’t affect them, either. 

As a result, with proper care, they often live for as long as many breeds of dogs, up to 10 to 12 years in many cases. There have been reports of some living longer than that.

rabbits are great pets


7. Rabbits are very clean pets

Even without litterbox training, most rabbits choose one area of their pen as their bathroom area. However, with simple litterbox training, your rabbit will choose to keep his pen quite clean.

They also prefer to keep themselves very clean and will self-groom often. But they do appreciate being brushed a few times a week, too. And the long-haired varieties will need more frequent brushing to keep that beauty-parlor fresh look.

Your pet rabbit will need a nail trim occasionally and probably ear cleaning, too. But those tasks are quite simple and enable him to stay picture-perfect!

rabbit agility


8. Easily Trained, Rabbits Make Great Pets

Not only can your pet bunny be litter-trained, he also can be trained to simple commands, including to come when called. Beyond the basics, rabbits can be taught to walk on a leash, jump over obstacles, and even compete in rabbit hopping and rabbit agility. Some owners have taught their rabbits tricks similar to a dog.

Does this mean rabbits are smart?  

Indeed, studies show that rabbit intelligence does rival that of a dog or cat. One study even described why a pet bunny is so snuggly.

rabbit agility


9. Widely available

Some types of pets are hard to find. But rabbits are available nearly everywhere, and usually at a reasonable price. In fact, your local shelter may have some in need of adoption.

Even if you are looking for a purebred youngster, chances are that there are some available not far from where you live. This makes it easier for you to visit a few to find just the right companion for your family home.

Baby rabbits in the nest


10. Rabbits are adorable companions

Sure, rabbits are great pets for their looks alone. But when you factor in their cute antics, playful nature, and cuddly personalities, we think they are perfect companions for people of all ages.

Of course, before you hop into bunny ownership, we encourage you to consider what your rabbit will need. Make sure you are ready, then find your perfect pet rabbit and enjoy many years of bunny friendship!

rabbits are great pets


Would a rabbit be a great pet for your family?

All in all, rabbits make fantastic pets that are suitable for nearly any age group. They’re gentle, intelligent creatures that can provide years of companionship. 

A rabbit is a great option if you’re looking for a pet that the whole family can enjoy. They are easy to care for and make wonderful companions. Consider a rabbit if you’ve ever thought about adding a furry friend to your home. They will bring lots of love and joy into your life. You just might find your new best friend.

rabbit agility
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