Are there any rabbit activities and sports for pet rabbits? Rabbits make great pets as playful creatures that enjoy a good game, just like any other pet. We’ve found many ways to include your rabbit in some fun activities, whether you’re looking for a way to bond with your furry friend or you’re interested in competing in shows or events away or even in your own backyard.


Rabbit Activities and Sports – Fun with your pet!




Fun rabbit activities in your backyard


Rabbits easily learn to play games, from simple fetch to more complex obstacle courses. Set up a course in your own backyard and have some fun while getting some exercise too. Rabbits learn readily as they are quite intelligent. In fact, your pet rabbit easily learns to do many of the same activities as those enjoyed by pet dogs. (source: (Nebraska Humane Society)

You can make your own equipment or consider purchasing some such as these.




Want to take it a bit further?


Set up a maze or a puzzle game. Chances are, your bunny quickly learns to navigate quite quickly and will keep you hopping for new ideas! Many find this provides a great way to bond with your pet rabbit. This article offers more tips: How to Bond with Your Rabbit.

Of course, you might want to include other tricks and fun with your rabbit. Rabbits are incredibly smart and usually quite easy to train. Need ideas?  Consider these fun tricks and game activities with your pet rabbit.


Rabbit Shows


If you’re feeling competitive, seek out one of the many rabbit shows and events in which you can enter your furry friend. Rabbit shows feature purebred rabbits competing to see which is the closest to its breed standard. These are sanctioned by breed clubs and the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and run by area clubs. Judges will look at coat quality, body type, and overall health to place the rabbits. These shows are great fun for you and your rabbit, and you may even come home with a prize!

Of course, the purebred shows only allow purebred rabbits to compete. But even if your rabbit is a mixed breed or perhaps not of show quality, attending these shows offers a chance to learn more about rabbits and have fun with other rabbit lovers. You might even offer to help with part of the show. Superintends appreciate people lending a hand at these rabbit activities.

Some groups also hold pet shows for rabbits. These shows often have classes for costume, trick, biggest, smallest, and other categories. Pet shows might be held for fun or as a fundraiser for pet-related causes. This is another of the rabbit activities you might offer to assist with, too. Volunteering is a great way to learn and have fun!


Our personal experiences

Some of these photos are taken from actual 4H, and ARBA shows that our family participated in. I’ve had rabbits for most of my life and was happy that our children enjoy them, too. While winning is fun, the best part is the time spent with their rabbits and friends. Each meeting, each show, was a memorable experience!

We’ll be sharing more about our journey in future articles (be sure to subscribe to this site and “like” us on social media) but am including some of our photos for now. Stay tuned!


4-H for youth and adults

If you or your children are under 18 years of age, most county 4H organizations offer the Rabbit Project. This includes plenty of hands-on learning, building friendships, and yes, rabbit activities.

County 4H programs always appreciate volunteers offering to assist with clubs and the various rabbit activities. Contact your local 4H office and ask how you might help. Don’t worry if you are new to rabbits. Leaders and assistants often learn right alongside the youth!



Rabbit Agility


There is also a competitive sport called rabbit agility and a similar sport known as rabbit hopping. The Rabbit Agility is similar to dog agility with various obstacles set on a course for the rabbit to be led through.It usually includes tunnels, an A-frame, jumps, and sometimes a bridge or other types of obstacle.

Rabbit hopping allows rabbits to compete to see who can jump the highest and furthest. It’s a great way to get some exercise for your rabbit, and it’s also a lot of fun to watch. Rabbit Agility and Rabbit Hopping offer fun and popular events, often consisting of different categories based on the size of your rabbit. The jumps are set at heights for the safety of the rabbits. When done indoors, special matting protects the rabbits from injury. Outside events usually take advantage of safe grassy areas. They provide a great way to enjoy time with your pet and other rabbit enthusiasts.

Of course, agility and jumping is just one of the many fun ways to exercise your pet rabbit. You’ll find even more in this article.

Rabbits for Comfort- ESA rabbits

Some rabbits hold jobs as comfort for those in need. Emotional Support Rabbits may not actually be a sport but these rabbits fulfill a role in the person’s life. Jerry’s Story provides one example  of a working ESA rabbit, 


Never Bored


Whether you’re looking for a way to have some fun with your rabbit or you’re interested in competing, there are many activities and sports that you can get involved in. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with all sorts of games and activities to keep your rabbit entertained. So get out there and have some fun!

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