A bond with your rabbit is vital to build a lasting relationship. You must know how to make a new bunny comfortable in your home. Although bunnies are social animals, they can be frightened by new owners and places. Since bunnies are sensitive creatures, you should treat them properly. Once you lose their trust in you, it will be more challenging to win them over again. Here are the eight ways to bond with your bunny!


Win your rabbit’s trust, Learn how to bond with your rabbit



An owner bonding with its rabbit

An owner bonding with her rabbit


Your bunny won’t feel secure around you unless it trusts you. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to win your pet over. Instead of standing up, you must sit beside your pet or lie down with it on the floor. Standing beside your pet intimidates it. It is because your height towers over its tiny body. You don’t have to force your bunny to go to you. The goal is to make it comfortable in your presence. 

Shy bunnies take more time before they approach their owners. If this is the case, you must be patient. Never try to chase your rabbit or pressure it to interact with you since it may get more distrustful. Give it the time it needs until it is comfortable enough to socialize with you. Giving it some treats will also help. 

Another way for your bunny to trust you is by spending time together alone. You cannot form a strong bond with your pet if other people are around you. Ensure that there are no other household pets in the room since they may scare your bunny. Never touch your furry pet if you have noticed it is about to go to you. Let it become familiar to your first. Do this activity every day until you have won your bunny’s trust.

As prey animals, rabbits are terrified by loud noises and sudden movements. You must speak softly and move gently when you are with your pet. Also, the activities you must perform around them should be free of noise. You can play mobile games or listen to music, but make sure you have your headphones.



Have a daily routine for your pet


Checking the bunny's health

Checking the bunny’s health


Rabbits love routines because they feel safer when their days are predictable. These adorable pets get stressed when they are in unfamiliar places and situations. Having a daily routine will help to bond with your bunny. Aside from that, you will encourage them to thrive and be more confident each day.

The daily routine includes feeding, daily exercise, socialization, and cleaning. Checking its health and cleaning its enclosure are parts of its weekly routine. The monthly routine includes grooming and nail trimming. To keep your bunny healthy, you must visit a vet at least once a year. Once your bunny becomes confident, it will love spending more time with you and your family.



Start training to bond with your rabbit


Since bunnies are intelligent, you can teach them tricks and games. However, some rabbits can learn fast than others. Instead of getting impatient, you must enjoy the time you can bond with your rabbit. Training is not only to make your rabbit learn many tricks but also to know your pet more. 

Your pet can learn tricks such as using its litter box, spinning, and recognizing its name. You can add the training sessions to your pet’s daily schedule. A fun training session for bunnies only lasts three to four minutes. If your rabbit starts to freeze up or move away, continue the training for the next day.



Provide it with rabbit treats


Giving treats is an effective way to bond with your rabbit

Giving treats is an effective way to bond with your rabbit


Giving your bunny treats will help you gain its trust. However, you must provide it in limited amounts only. Too much treats may lead to digestive issues, obesity, or tooth decay. Never give your bunny treats rich in calories, such as bread, pasta, and chips. You can give fruits like berries, grapes, and melons. Feeding with at least one to two teaspoons of treats a day is enough.

Providing a shy bunny with treats is a good positive reinforcement. Your pet will think it will have some treats whenever it approaches you. As you do this method, it will soon interact with you even without treats. When giving treats for the first time, you must disperse them on your bunny’s cage. Don’tDon’t put them on your hands since your pet may get scared. 



Spay or neuter your bunny to easily bond with your rabbit


Spaying or neutering your bunny does not only prevent unwanted pregnancies. But it also helps to limit hormonal behaviors. Unneutered or unspayed rabbits tend to show aggression, especially maturing ones. Also, they frequently spray their urine which is inappropriate in a household. 

Once you spay or neuter your pet, it will be easier to bond with it since its hormones become balanced. Thus, the bunny becomes more affectionate and friendly towards its furry parent. It will also be easier for you to train it to use its litter box. Aside from helping you bond with your rabbit, it will also prevent your pet from having cancer.



Respect your bunny’s privacy


Although bunnies are friendly, they also want their own space and privacy. You must give new bunnies the time to adapt to their surroundings thoroughly. One of the things that you must not do is make it feel trapped. As much as possible, bond with your bunny in a room with an escape route. Hence, it can have the choice to approach or move away.

In addition, don’t pick up or hold your pet if it doesn’t want to be touched. Picking it up more often may also traumatize your pet, making it more difficult for you to bond with it. Also, you should never yell at your pet since bunnies are sensitive creatures. They deem loud noises as threats. You can help your bunny to enjoy its privacy by putting a tunnel inside its hutch.



Understand your rabbit’s behavior


The best way to bond with your bunny is by understanding its behavior. Once you learn its gestures, you can provide for its needs and wants. Bunnies love to spend time and bond with owners who understand them. The more attention you give to your pet, it will be easier for you to understand its behavior.

After you have understood your bunny’s behavior, you can mimic it. You can bond your rabbit by pretending to wash your face and head like your pet does. It will become comfortable with you and its new home. You must also know when your bunny is upset and angry. As much as possible, never pet or cuddle it when it’s not in the mood. You may get scratched or bitten.



Give your pet some toys


Toys for rabbit

Toys for rabbit


Bunnies love to play, so giving them toys will help you bond with your bunny. Toys also encourage them to perform natural behaviors like digging, chewing, and foraging. Also, it allows them to be mentally stimulated. Bored rabbits show destructive behaviors like chewing their furs, leading to woolblock

However, you must choose toys that are safe for your bunny. They must not be too small, so your pet won’t swallow them. Aside from that, they must be made of natural materials. Due to their sensitive stomachs, they can suffer from digestive issues.

You can give your pet chew toys, key rings, and parrot toys. You can also place shredded papers inside its hutch or tunnels where it can play and hide. A forage mat and a rabbit ball will keep your pet entertained. If you want to keep your bunny mentally stimulated, a puzzle board can help.



Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my bunny is afraid of me?


You should prove to your bunny that it can trust you. To win your pet’s approval, you must not force it to interact want with you. Let it decide if it will approach you are not. Also, don’t pick it up or handle it often since it can traumatize your pet. Respect its space and privacy as much as possible. Giving it some treats also helps to bond with your rabbit. 


What should I avoid when bonding with my rabbit?


Never speak loud or make sudden movements since bunnies are easily frightened. Speak softly as possible. You must also avoid cornering your pet. Approach it in a wide area where it can move in the direction where it wants to go.


How to stop my bunny from getting frightened with my hands?


Your bunny may be afraid of your hands due to the trauma it experienced from mishandling. You can stop it from getting frightened by helping it to trust you. Try to move your hand slowly forward as you give it a treat. If the bunny runs away, don’t chase. Keep on doing it daily until your bunny comes near you. Next, gently touch its head and ears. Continue doing this until your pet becomes comfortable with your hands. 


How much time should I spend with my bunny every day?


Rabbits that spend more time with their owners have stronger bonds. You must spend at least one hour to bond with your rabbit. However, the ideal bonding time should last at least three to five hours. Indoor bunnies have more time and opportunity to bond with their furry parents.



As an owner, you have to bond with your rabbit so that it may become comfortable with you. There are different things that you can do to bond with your bunny. Some of these are giving your pet treats and teaching it new tricks. Never force your bunny to interact with you, but give it the time it needs to adapt.


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