Pets are popular. Many think of a pet as a dog or cat. But recently, rabbits are increasing in popularity, too. Do you know why rabbits are becoming more popular? We look at the various reasons for the increasing popularity of these quiet little fur friends. Favored for their docile personality and adorable appearance, they attract many pet owners. In fact, more people choosing rabbits as pets increased during the pandemic. In this blog post, you will know the 11 reasons rabbits are becoming popular. Enjoy reading!

Learn why rabbits are becoming more popular!


rabbit are becoming more popular

Since childhood, I have enjoyed various pets. While my dogs will always hold a special place, my pet rabbits bring that heartfelt love, too. In fact, I’ve never really questioned rabbit popularity I know what incredible pets they make. From the tiny Netherland Dwarf with a bit of attitude to the calm snuggly Flemish Giant, rabbits make ideal pets for many families. Live in a small space? Rabbits don’t require much room. Have  a busy life? No problem. Your rabbit doesn’t need to have several walks a day, rain or shine. Do you travel often?  Rabbits travel quite easily. Or, finding a willing pet sitter is quite easy!

Of course, your rabbit does need good care and attention. But more and more, people choose these easier-to-care-for pets over those needing more time and costs. If you are considering adding a pet rabbit to your home, read on for more information on why rabbits are becoming more popular every year!

#1: Rabbits are less costly than dogs

When it comes to popularity, dogs are at the top. However, rabbits are becoming more popular nowadays since they are less expensive. The average cost of dogs sold in pet stores ranges between $1,000 and $4,000. However, you can purchase a rabbit for only $20 to $40. The price may vary depending on the breed and rarity. Show rabbits can also cost more than $100.

Regarding upkeep costs, dog owners spend at least $700 to $2,000 per year for their pets. Besides their necessities, you must spend on dogsitting if you leave your dog to travel. For rabbits, you must pay between $600 and $1,100 per year. Its upkeep cost is less costly than dogs, but it is more expensive than cats.

#2: Rabbits are intelligent pets

Rabbits are intelligent creatures. In fact, they are as smart as cats and dogs. You can expect them to respond to simple words and commands. They can also recognize their names and logically solve the obstacles they encounter. More people choosing rabbits as pets have escalated.

With your commitment, you can teach these furry pets different tricks. They can quickly learn through repetition. If there are tricks you want to teach them, schedule the training every day. Amazingly, rabbits can learn how to use their litter box, jump through hoops, and play ball games. But you should not hurt your bunny if it takes a long time before it learns the tricks.

Similar to other household pets, other rabbit breeds are more intelligent than others. The Belgian Hare, Harlequin Rabbit, and Mini Lop are some of these. Continental Giant, Holland Lop, and Netherland Dwarf are also known as intelligent pets. However, you should keep these breeds mentally stimulated to prevent boredom. Besides teaching them tricks, you can also give them some toys.

A rabbit wearing eyeglasses

#3: Rabbits quickly get along with kids

As playful pets, rabbits can quickly get along with kids. They can spend hours playing indoors or outdoors. Most of them are also docile and gentle. As long as they are treated with love, they won’t show signs of aggression. It is also easier for children to pick up and handle rabbits because of their size and personality. Some rabbit breeds are very affectionate. They long to be cuddled and petted.

But if you have small children, you must supervise them when carrying rabbits. Due to their fragile bones, bunnies are more prone to fractures and spinal cords. You must also respect your bunny’s privacy. Don’t let your children pick them up every time since it can be a traumatic experience for your pet.

Furthermore, bunnies are ideal pets for older children. Caring for these adorable creatures develops a sense of responsibility and empathy. Taking care of bunnies exposes them to daily tasks, such as feeding and socializing. It is also a wonderful experience for children as they find new companionship. For this reason, rabbits are becoming more popular.

A girl with her pet rabbit

#4: Rabbits are quiet and docile

As prey animals, rabbits are naturally quiet and docile. It is infrequent for them to make loud noises. Hence, more people choosing rabbits as pets, including seniors, have increased. They can have a good sleep without interruption from these furry pets. You can only hear the thumping and hopping sounds of the rabbits during the times that they are active. However, these noises are also not loud enough to wake a sleeping person.

There are also rabbit breeds ideal for seniors because of their laid-back personalities. They are not as active as others, so they don’t require much exercise and activities. Hence, they are manageable for seniors who don’t have much energy to move around.  Even with limited physical activities, rabbits can build strong bonds with seniors. As long as they feel loved, these adorable pets won’t hesitate to reciprocate the affection you give them. Rabbits suitable for seniors are Himalayan, English Spot, and Dwarf Hotot. These rabbits are known for their gentle and relaxed demeanor.

#5: Rabbits have different personalities

Rabbits are becoming more popular because each bunny has a unique personality. The bunny’s character may depend on its breed, age, and experience. Most dwarf breeds are known for their playful nature. Meanwhile, giant ones are popular as laidback and relaxed pets. You can choose the breed depending on your preference.

Young bunnies are more energetic and curious compared to older ones. Thus, they can be troublemakers for some time. It is also the perfect time for the bunny to get used to being picked up and cuddled. The past experiences of the bunny may also affect its behavior. If their experience with the former owner was traumatic, they could be feisty.

#6: Rabbits don’t need large spaces

Because of their size, more people choosing rabbits as pets escalated. Tiny bunnies don’t require large spaces. They are suitable pets for singles, couples, or seniors living in small apartments. Although physical activities are necessary, rabbits can exercise even though they are indoors. Simple activities like hopping on platforms and running around benefit their body.

Many owners also find rabbits appealing because they can let them live indoors. If you keep your house rabbit-proof, your bunny can live safely with you. You only have to provide them with supplies and keep them away from dangerous areas.

An indoor bunny

#7: Rabbits can develop strong bonds with their owners

You can develop strong bonds with your bunnies by loving and caring for them. Rabbits are affectionate pets that also long for attention. Once they trust you, you can expect them to reciprocate the attention you are giving to them. Thus, rabbits are becoming popular for those who are living alone. 

Due to their sweetness and playfulness, bunnies can cheer up their owners. They can show you some tricks even when you don’t ask them. Aside from that, they will hop beside you to show their affection. Keeping a rabbit can help ease everyday stress because of the positive vibe it can bring inside the home. 

Furthermore, rabbits are known for their loyalty, making them great companions. They don’t hesitate to approach the people they genuinely trust. These furry pets also show more affection to those who feed and groom them. So, don’t be surprised if your bunny is more affectionate to you than the other family members.

An owner carrying her bunny

#8: Rabbits love to clean themselves

As creatures that love to groom themselves, more people choosing rabbits as pets grew. Unlike other household pets, they don’t have body odor, and their droppings don’t also have a pungent smell. Hence, many rabbit owners let their pets live inside their homes. You can also train them to use a litter box, so they won’t have to pee everywhere.

But as a reminder, you must clean the rabbits even though they can groom themselves. It is because there are things that they cannot do. Some of these are removing their earwax and trimming their nails. You must also brush their coats when shedding to prevent them from ingesting their furs. Having hairballs stuck in their stomach can be dangerous to their health.

#9: Rabbits have long lifespans

Besides their personality, rabbits are becoming popular due to their long lifespans. Since rabbits have long lifespans, you can enjoy their companionship for years. The average life of a rabbit is five to eight years. However, 60 of the breeds can reach seven to ten years. It may depend on the breed and the environment they live in. 

Some bunnies can even live for as long as 12 years. It is enough time to build precious memories with them. If you are wondering about the age of the oldest bunny, it lived for 18 years and ten months. Due to predators and habitat loss, domesticated rabbits live longer than wild ones.  

#10: More rabbits need to be rescued

Unfortunately, rabbits are the third most surrendered pets, next to dogs and cats. Hence, many organizations encourage new rabbit owners to adopt bunnies from rescue homes. It is one of the reasons why more people choosing rabbits as pets have increased in number. Some owners failed to keep their bunnies for a long time due to the responsibility they required.

Furthermore, some of the bunnies given as Easter gifts to children ended up in rescue homes. You can help these bunnies by providing them with a home where they can be part of the family. However, you should be prepared to take responsibility. Decide if rabbits are suitable pets for you and make a sound decision.

11: Rabbits are adorable

Who wouldn’t love rabbits for their cuteness? It is not surprising rabbits are becoming popular because of their adorable appearance. Seeing them every day brings happiness to the owners’ hearts. Moreover, each breed has its unique physical features and personality. You can also let them join on rabbit shows to exhibit the beauty and perfection they possess.

If you want your bunny to join a rabbit show, ensure that it is one of the registered breeds in ARBA. You can check their website to see if your pet qualifies for the show. Once you are done, find a show in the district. Don’t forget to send an e-mail to the show secretary to ask for the show flyer or catalog. If you want your pet to join, send an e-mail with your contact information and the details about your bunny. Below is a video showing how your pet can join a rabbit show.

Frequently Asked Questions



Why are rabbits becoming popular as family pets?


Since rabbits are docile, they can get along with all family members. As long as they are taken care of, they don’t hesitate to show affection to their owners. Bunnies also form strong bonds, making them great companions. But if you have small children, ensure that you supervise them when handling the rabbits.



Why are rabbits becoming popular pets for seniors?


Unlike dogs, rabbits are quieter and less active. Some breeds also don’t demand too much attention due to their laid-back personality. Hence, seniors find it easier to take care of them. Old owners don’t have to overextend themselves to be appreciated by their bunnies. As long as they are giving the daily needs of their rabbits, these furry pets will love them.



Rabbits are becoming popular because they are less costly than other pets, like dogs. Furthermore, they are intelligent pets, and they are affectionate. Because of their gentleness, bunnies can quickly get along with children and seniors. Many rescued and displaced rabbits also need new homes where they can be taken care of.

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