A pet rabbit sitter can care for your bunny even if you are away. However, there are qualities that you must look out for when hiring a pet sitter for rabbit. Through this blog post, you will learn what the qualities of a top-notch pet sitter are. Also, you will know what to do before leaving your bunny with a pet rabbit sitter. Enjoy reading!

A pet sitter for rabbit

Look for a reputable pet rabbit sitter


A 24-hour trip may not require a pet sitter for rabbit. But if you travel for days, you must look for someone to take care of your bunny. You can check on pet-sitting websites to look for a reputable pet rabbit sitter near you. If there are local rabbit rescue groups at your place, ask them to take care of your pet while you are away.

If you have friends who are rabbit owners like you, you can ask them if they know a reputable pet sitter. It would be better to hire someone your friends or relatives know. When hiring a stranger, check his testimonials to ensure he is a reputable pet sitter. 

You can ask the pet sitter to drop by your house to feed and take care of your pet. If you are uncomfortable letting a stranger enter your home, let him bring your pet into his house. But it would be better to check his area to ensure your bunny is safe from predators and other harmful elements.


Look for a pet rabbit sitter who loves rabbits


The best pet sitter for your rabbit is someone who loves bunnies. Since rabbits are sensitive, they need someone who can take care of them out of love and not out of duty. You can also expect your pet to be in good hands if you leave it with someone who would show affection towards it. 

As prey animals, rabbits become jumpy and frightened when constantly shouted at. You must ensure that the pet sitter you hire can speak gently to your pet. He must also know how to handle your pet correctly, preventing rabbit injuries. Although you are on a getaway, ensure that your pet is having a great time, even without your presence.

Look for a pet rabbit sitter who is well-educated about rabbits


Rabbits may look like easy pets to take care of. However, some breeds need special care. Bunnies also have sensitive digestion and skin. Thus, you must look for a pet sitter for rabbit with enough knowledge about these furry pets. The pet sitter must have experience caring for bunnies as much as possible. You don’t want to leave your pet to someone who doesn’t know how to feed and groom it properly.

A well-educated pet rabbit sitter has emergency plans. He knows what to do if your pet is sick and the bunny gets away. To make it easier for the pet sitter, remember to provide the vet’s contact information. Also, ensure that the bunny’s hutch is secured to prevent it from escaping. If your bunny has medications, remember to tell the pet sitter. Place its medicines on the rabbit first aid kit.


Look for a pet rabbit sitter with a flexible schedule


Since you will be away for days, ensure that the pet sitter for your rabbit can give enough time to the bunny. He must always be available to visit your pet, especially in emergencies. The pet sitter must also stick to the routine of your bunny. Feeding and grooming it at different times can stress your pet, causing it to fall sick. Rabbits feel threatened when there are changes in their routines.

Look for a full-time pet sitter for rabbit. Thus, he may have sufficient time to care for the bunny and provide for its physical and emotional needs. You can also expect him to devote extra hours playing and bonding with your pet. Hence, your bunny may still have a good time even if you are away.


Look for a pet rabbit sitter who can calm your bunny


Some rabbits may be frightened around new people and environments. However, a top-notch pet sitter for rabbit will know how to calm your pet. Because of his experience in pet sitting, he would know how to handle jumpy and nervous rabbits. Moreover, professional pet sitters also have a presence that can put rabbits at ease. 

When interviewing a pet sitter, you must let him meet your bunny. Observe how your pet reacts while the pet sitter tries to interact with the rabbit. If you notice that he establishes a connection with your pet, you may consider him for the task. But you may look for someone else if he is too aggressive with your pet.

A pet rabbit sitter calming a bunny

Look for a pet rabbit sitter who follows your instructions


As the owner of your bunny, you know what is best for your pet. Although knowledgeable, a good pet sitter would respect your wishes. He must not give the food you prohibited to your bunny. Aside from that, he must stick to your pet’s daily routine. If he has suggestions or concerns, he would tell them to you before doing what he wants.

It would be better to speak to the pet sitter before you leave. It would allow you to instruct him on what he needs to do. Aside from that, the pet sitter would also have a chance to ask you some questions and give his suggestions. You should also listen to the pet sitter and have an open mind to his opinions. 


Look for a pet rabbit sitter who can communicate with you regularly


One of the things that you look for in a pet sitter is someone who communicates regularly. He must update you about your pet’s condition. He must not hesitate to tell you if there are any problems, especially if your bunny is sick or has escaped. An honest pet sitter will give you peace of mind even though you are miles away from your pet.

A good pet sitter will always send photos of your pet, showing it is in good condition. He would also call you to let your pet hear your voice. If he makes a mistake, he won’t hesitate to tell you, especially if it concerns your pet’s health and safety.



Things to Do Before Leaving Your Bunny to a Pet Rabbit Sitter


Write down the needed instructions


Before you leave, write down the instructions for your pet. You must indicate the time and the servings that must be fed to your bunny. If you have a lot of time, prepare the daily portions for your bunny. It will make it easier for the pet sitter to feed your pet. If your rabbit is on medication, write down what medicines to give to your pet and when they should be given. Listing your pet’s daily routine will also help the pet sitter adjust its schedule.


Ensure that the supplies of your pet are complete


Remember to check the supplies of your bunny before going on a vacation. Does it have enough hay, pellets, and clean water? Does it have enough vitamins and supplements? If the supplies won’t last for long, you must buy them first. It will save the pet sitter from agonizing about where to get your bunny’s essential needs.


Decide if you will let the pet sitter go inside your house or bring your pet to his place


Lastly, you must decide if you will let the pet rabbit sitter go inside your home. Allowing your bunny to stay inside your home is that it doesn’t need to adapt to the new environment. Also, you won’t have to transport your rabbit’s enclosure and supplies to a different place. However, your bunny may feel lonely if it is alone inside your home. It may also make you feel uncomfortable knowing that a stranger is going inside your house.

Other options if you cannot find a pet rabbit sitter



Leave your bunny to a close friend


If you have a friend you can trust to take care of your bunny, you can leave your pet to him. Ensure that he is willing to spend time with your bunny. It would also be better if he is a rabbit owner like you so he would know what to do. Your bunny would also have an opportunity to socialize with other rabbits. 

Another benefit of leaving your pet to a rabbit owner friend is that he can quickly notice if your pet is sick. Aside from that, your bunny would be given more time and attention. The only downside is that your rabbit may be frightened by unfamiliar surroundings.



Let your bunny board to a veterinarian or a kennel


You can also leave your rabbit to a veterinarian or a kennel. It must be the last option since your pet needs to stay in a new environment with new people. Before leaving your pet, check where your bunny will stay. As much as possible, it must be away from cats and dogs. You may also ask if you can bring your pet’s cage to minimize its fear. 

Although a vet gives your pet treatments, the attention your bunny needs may not be provided. Aside from that, it is challenging to look for kennels with separate rooms from dogs and cats. The noise may cause fear and distress to your bunny.



Frequently Asked Questions



How much should I pay for a pet rabbit sitter?


The average pay for a pet rabbit sitter is $25 per hour. However, other pet sitters may ask between $15 and $50. Some websites provide the prices for the services.



When should I get a pet sitter for rabbit?


You should get a pet sitter for rabbit if you have to leave your pet for more than 24 hours. If your bunny loves attention, it must have a companion within 12 hours so it won’t get depressed. If you must be gone for more than a month, consider taking your pet.



A pet rabbit sitter can help you if you leave your pet for a while. But you must select the best pet sitter for rabbit to ensure that your bunny is in good hands. Aside from his knowledge, you must also consider his behavior towards your pet. Thus, you can expect your pet to enjoy with the pet sitter even while you are on your trip.

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