Lixit Cage Hay Rack Review: Tired of cleaning up mountains of scattered hay? As a small pet owner, I know the struggle of keeping their cage clean and their food fresh. This review dives into the Lixit Hay Rack, exploring its features, benefits, and a few things to consider before you buy. Let’s see if this little hay holder can become a lifesaver for you and your furry friend!

Lixit Cage Hay Rack Review: The Best Choice for Small Pets?


We’ve recently started using the Lixit Hay Rack for our rabbits, and it’s been quite the addition to their enclosure. We used to have a problem with hay getting trampled and wasted on the cage floor, but this little hay rack has helped keep things much tidier and more organized.


Lixit Cage Hay Rack for Rabbits and Other Small Animals


One thing we like is how easy it is to attach to the cage. We noticed it fits well and is durable, but it’s not very tall, which means it holds less hay than we’d like.


Despite that, having the hay off the floor keeps it cleaner and fresher for our pets.

Bottom Line


The Lixit Hay Rack can be a great solution for keeping your small pets‘ hay clean and organized. Its simple design and easy setup make it a worthy addition to your pet supplies. So why not give it a try? Click here to purchase the Lixit Hay Rack and make your pet’s habitat cleaner today!

Overview of the Lixit Cage Hay Rack


We found the Lixit Cage Hay Rack to be a handy tool for keeping hay organized and clean in our pets’ cages. The rack easily attaches to the outside of the cage, making it convenient to fill and preventing messy spills on the cage floor.


This feature really keeps the hay fresh and out of reach of little paws.

One thing to note is that the rack is not very tall. It doesn’t hold as much hay as some other options. This can mean more frequent refills, which might be a minor inconvenience.


We also noticed that sometimes hay can fall out, especially when our pets get a bit playful.


The plastic is sturdy and doesn’t bend easily, though we did have an issue with a plastic tab breaking when bumped. Overall, it keeps the hay off the floor and reduces waste, making it a practical addition to our pet care routine.

Convenient Food Access for Pets


We’ve found that the Lixit hay rack makes feeding our small pets much easier. It attaches to the cage, holding hay and keeping it off the floor.


This means our rabbits and guinea pigs don’t waste as much food, and it stays clean longer.

We’ve tried other methods before, like bowls or just placing hay in a corner, but they often made a mess. The Lixit hay rack minimizes this problem well.


One issue we noticed is that it isn’t very tall, so it holds less hay than some other racks. Occasionally, hay spills out, but overall, it’s a handy addition to our pet cages.

Maintaining a Clean Habitat


We’ve been using the Lixit hay rack for our rabbits, and it makes such a difference in keeping their habitat tidy. The rack attaches easily to the cage with no fuss.


It helps to keep the hay off the ground, so there’s less mess for us to sweep up. We also noticed that the hay stays fresh longer, which is a big plus.


One thing to watch out for is making sure the rack is securely attached. We had to adjust it a couple of times to make sure it was stable.


Overall, it’s a great product for keeping your small animals’ space clean and organized.

Easy Installation and Care


Setting up this Lixit hay rack is simple. We attached it to the wire cage using the hooks provided, and it fit snugly.


No tools were needed, which was a relief.


  • It keeps the hay off the floor.
  • Easy to attach to various cage types.


  • Not very tall, so it doesn’t hold a large amount of hay.

For cleaning, a quick hand wash does the trick.


Though the plastic is sturdy, be gentle to avoid breaking the tabs.


This hay rack has saved us time and reduced waste, making our lives easier.

Suitable for a Variety of Small Animals


We recently used the Lixit hay rack and found that it works great for different kinds of small pets. Whether you have rabbits, guinea pigs, or chinchillas, this hay rack fits right into their cages.


It’s easy to attach and keeps hay and veggies clean and fresh longer. Our pets seem to enjoy eating from it, and we like not having to clean up as much scattered food.


One thing we noticed is that the hay rack is a bit smaller than expected, which means it needs frequent refilling.


Despite this, it’s a handy accessory for any small animal owner.

Pros and Cons

  • One of the best features is how the rack keeps hay off the floor. We noticed much less waste since our small pets can’t trample their food.
  • It’s also very easy to attach this rack to the wire cage.
  • The design ensures that the hay stays fresh and clean, which is great for our pets’ health.
  • Another plus is its size—it’s just right for most small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.
  • We also appreciate that it’s assembled in the USA by adults with disabilities.
  • The rack isn’t very tall, so it doesn’t hold as much hay as we’d like. This means we have to refill it more often.
  • It also doesn’t sit flush against the cage, causing some hay to occasionally fall out.
  • Plus, the plastic tabs can break if bumped too hard, which can be a bit frustrating.
  • Lastly, some clever pets might pull at the rack, causing it to come loose. We had to secure it better with zip ties to keep it in place for a couple of the bunnies.

Long-Term Use, Durability, and Minimizing Hay Waste


Long-Term Durability: Our experience with the Lixit Hay Rack over time suggests it holds up well for most users. The plastic construction is reasonably sturdy, though some reviewers mentioned potential breakage of the hanging tabs if bumped with excessive force.

Minimizing Hay Waste: This hay rack effectively reduces hay waste by keeping it off the cage floor where it can get soiled or trampled. However, some hay may still fall out depending on how full you keep the rack and how playful your pet is. To further reduce waste, consider using high-quality hay with minimal dust and try placing the hay rack in a corner of the cage to minimize spillage. You can also use leftover hay for bedding or enrichment activities like hiding treats inside it for your pet to forage.

Customer Reviews

Many users found the hay rack useful for keeping hay off the floor of their rabbits’ or guinea pigs’ cages. It’s appreciated for its ability to reduce mess, which keeps the living area cleaner and safer.


Some customers mentioned that the rack is made from quality plastic and fits well with common cage models. However, a few users found it not to be very durable. For instance, if bumped, it could break easily.


A common point is that it may not hold a large amount of hay, which means more frequent refills.


Also, while the idea of placing it outside the cage helps in reducing mess, some hay might still spill out.


In summary, while the Lixit Hay Rack does its job at a reasonable price, there are a few minor issues that could be improved.

Is This Hay Rack a Good Investment?


We’ve had a good experience with the Lixit Cage Hay Rack. It keeps the hay off the floor, which means less mess and waste. The design is sturdy and fits well on the cage, but it isn’t very tall, so it holds a bit less hay than we hoped.


We’ve noticed that our rabbits sometimes pull it loose, but zip ties helped keep it in place. Some hay spills out, but it’s safer and more manageable than other hay racks.

Lixit Cage Hay Rack Review: A Cleaner Cage, Happier Pets


The Lixit Cage Hay Rack offered a much-needed solution to my small pet’s messy hay habits. Throughout this review, we explored how this simple hay holder kept the cage cleaner, reduced waste, and provided fresher hay for my furry friend. While it wasn’t perfect – it could hold more hay and some playful tugs caused a few spills – the overall benefits outweighed the minor drawbacks.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your small pet’s cage tidy and their food fresh, the Lixit Hay Rack is definitely worth considering. Thanks for reading! Consider giving this hay rack a try using the link we provided earlier [link to the hay rack], and I hope your small pet enjoys it as much as mine did. Happy pet keeping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some potential benefits of using hay racks for small pets?

Hay racks help keep hay clean and dry, which is important for our pets’ health.

When hay is kept off the floor, it means less dirt and waste mixing with their food.

This helps prevent our pets from eating contaminated hay. By keeping hay neat and organized, we also reduce the amount of hay wasted, which can save us money in the long run.

Can using a hay rack help in keeping a cage tidy?

Yes, a hay rack can definitely help keep the cage tidier.

When we use a hay rack, hay is less likely to spill and scatter all over the cage.

This means less mess for us to clean up. Keeping hay off the floor also means that it won’t mix with bedding or waste, making the entire cage cleaner for our pets.

How easy is it to refill and clean hay racks for pet owners?

Refilling and cleaning these hay racks isn’t too difficult.

We find that it’s straightforward to refill the rack, although it might not hold as much hay as some other options.

The racks are made from quality plastic, so they’re quite durable. Cleaning is also simple – a quick hand wash usually does the trick.

Are hay racks suitable for all types of small animals, or are they species-specific?

Hay racks like these are suitable for a variety of small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas.

However, not all animals will take to using a hay rack, so it might require some observation to see if our pets enjoy it.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of hay racks for safety and durability?

These hay racks are typically made from sturdy plastic.

This material is durable enough to withstand some roughhousing from our pets but also safe as it doesn’t have sharp edges that might harm them.

The plastic is also easy to clean, which adds to its convenience.

How do hay racks impact the feeding behavior and health of small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs?

Using a hay rack can positively impact our pets’ feeding behavior by making them work a bit for their hay, which mimics natural foraging.

It also prevents them from eating hay that might have been soiled on the cage floor.

By keeping food clean and accessible, hay racks can contribute to better overall health and hygiene for our rabbits and guinea pigs.

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