When your indoor pets itch for the great outdoors, finding a safe way to indulge their curiosity is not always easy. The steP evoL 6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House is like a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively, for house pets and their owners. This portable bunny playpen is a patio-ready retreat for cats and small animals, featuring a mesh material that keeps the mosquitoes at bay and a 360-degree view.

Assembling traditional pet enclosures can be a hassle, but the intuitive pop-up design of this cat house makes setup a breeze. Whether for a backyard picnic or a trip to the beach, it unfolds effortlessly. Including three types of tents and connecting tunnels, this product offers a versatile setup, ensuring your pets have space to romp or lounge in the sun.

Cat House and Playpen

While the setup is straightforward, the potential for the enclosure is multifaceted. Beyond its generous activity space where they can chase and play to their heart’s content, the extra touches, like the included little fish toy, show thoughtful consideration for pet engagement. And despite the durability of the tents and tunnels, the lightness of the material might raise questions about wear over time with active pets.


Bottom Line

The steP evoL Outdoor Cat House is a game-changer for pet owners who long to share the outdoors safely and comfortably with their furry friends. With its simple setup, ample space, and versatile configuration, you can give your indoor pets the gift of the outdoors any day.

Are you ready to transform your pet’s playtime? Take a closer look and purchase the steP evoL 6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House here and watch your pet discover a whole new world.



6-in-1 Outdoor Cat House Overview

Imagine watching your feline friend leap, play, and explore in a spacious, secure, and engaging area. The product in question is an assembly of tents and tunnels, a versatile paradise for your pets, not limited to cats but also accommodating small animals like rabbits and ferrets.

Designed with a focus on outdoor enjoyment and security, the mesh walls offer your pets the thrill of the outdoors while keeping them shielded from predators and pesky insects.

This enclosure truly shines with its pop-up design. Setting it up is a breeze, free from the usual hassle of assembly, making it an ideal companion for outdoor trips. The ability to create various configurations adds to its appeal, ensuring it fits well in any indoor or outdoor space.

The product is made of polyester, ensuring durability, and its modern style doesn’t clash with your outdoor decor. If you’re in search of a bunny playpen that’s easy to transport, instantly deployable, and offers ample play space, this could be a very practical option.

While it’s not without its limitations, like the need to monitor your pet to prevent escapes, its design aims to provide an enriching outdoor experience for the smaller members of your family.



360-Degree Safety

Experiencing this product gives a sense of relief to pet owners. Its fine mesh construction envelops your pets, providing an expansive view while keeping them shielded from predators and pesky insects. Safely bask in the sun alongside your furry companions within the spacious confines of the different tents and tunnels.

The enclosure offers ample room for play and exploratory behaviors, which is crucial for the well-being of small animals such as cats, rabbits, and ferrets. The design thoughtfully includes multiple entries, allowing pets to roam freely between sections or stay connected to the family during outdoor activities.

However, be mindful of the enclosure’s materials, as they may show signs of wear from sharp claws, a common caveat with such portable playpens. Overall, the bunny playpen’s ability to instantly pop up and its versatility in both indoor and outdoor settings stand out, further enhancing its appeal as a safe haven for smaller animals.



Versatile Configuration

Living with pets means adapting to their needs, and the steP evoL cat enclosure has effortlessly fit into life with my indoor kitties. Suddenly, the deck isn’t just a deck. It’s an adventure for them.

The enclosure’s mesh design offers a vast view of the outdoors, keeping them safe from nosy predators and the summer’s pesky mosquitoes.

The real gem is the modular design. The 6-in-1 set comes with a mix of hexagonal, square, and conical tents alongside extendable tunnels.

If today calls for a compact setup, I zip up a tent with a tunnel, and it’s ready. Or, for those days when the furballs are restless, I connect all the pieces for maximum exploration space.

When I first received the steP evoL playpen, I was skeptical about the pop-up claim, but it unfolded before my eyes in seconds. No fiddling with instructions or small parts. And the way it packs down into its carrying bag makes it a staple for trips with my furry companions.

Despite my enthusiasm, I’ll admit there are minor drawbacks. Transitioning the pieces can be stiff, and it initially puzzled my pets.

However, the versatility of the enclosure soon won over their curiosity. Whether used in full or as separate elements indoors and outdoors, it welcomes a change of scenery without any fuss.



Instant Pop-Up Design

Imagine the ease of watching your pet explore their new surroundings within seconds. The pop-up feature of this cat enclosure does exactly that. You unstrap the cord, and it springs to life, forming a secure play area without the frustration of complex assembly.

The convenience of this design shines when you’re outdoors—whether at a campsite or in your backyard. The playpen is easy to set up and disassembles quickly, collapsing into a compact form for hassle-free storage.

Despite the simplicity, some users note the material’s durability could be a concern, especially with energetic pets. Claw marks have been spotted after minimal use.

However, the playpen’s structure is reported as sturdy. Overall, the pop-up mechanism offers a balance of functionality with the potential for improved materials to enhance longevity.



Product Specifications

When you’re considering this 6-in-1 cat house, you’ll appreciate its modern style and the use of durable polyester that can withstand your pet’s playful antics. Sized at 19.7 by 16.53 inches and standing 3.93 inches high, it’s a perfect fit for smaller spaces and can easily be moved around, whether indoors or out, due to its lightweight design at just under 10 pounds.

The black color of this steP evoL creation will blend seamlessly into most decors, and it’s been available since the fall of 2022, so it’s a relatively new addition to the pet products market. Made in China, the item includes an array of tunnels and enclosures that promise to engage your feline friend or even other small pets like rabbits or puppies.

Remember, while dealing with this bunny playpen, you’ll find it to be portable and great for travel, thanks to its compact dimensions when not in use. This could be your go-to solution for keeping your pets contained and entertained in a controlled environment.



Pros and Cons


Having hands-on experience with the steP evoL Outdoor Cat House, it shines in its ability to extend your indoor pet’s world safely. The multi-choice structure comprising a hexagonal tent, a square tent, and a conical tent, all interconnected with tunnels, offers a substantial play area.

Here’s a summary of the advantages:

  • Ease of Assembly: You’ll appreciate the pop-up design. Unfolding your cat’s new play area is as effortless as removing it from the bag—no complicated steps to follow.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in the backyard or a family camping trip, this enclosure adapts to various settings, indoors and out.
  • Substantial Space: The tents and tunnels provide a generous space for movement and play, keeping pets entertained with their toys or simply allowing them to lounge.
  • 360-Degree View: The fine mesh offers a clear and safe view, so your furry friends can observe their surroundings while protected from predators and bugs.



However, the product does come with its set of drawbacks, as noted during my time with it:

  • Durability Concerns: After multiple uses, you may notice signs of wear, such as claw marks on the bottom netting. The material’s longevity under an active pet’s excitement could be a concern.
  • Limited Accessories: The single fish toy included may be a source of contention if you have more than one cat, prompting additional purchases for harmony.
  • Lack of Instructions: Though the pop-up assembly is straightforward, the lack of an instruction manual can leave users puzzled about certain aspects, like effectively securing the structure or exploring different configurations.

Despite these issues, the outdoor cat house generally stands as a solid choice, offering numerous opportunities for your pet to explore and stay active. However, the potential need for accessory upgrades and an eye on wear and tear should be considered to ensure long-term satisfaction.



Customer Reviews

When assessing what real users think of the steP evoL cat enclosure, many share a positive vibe about their purchase. With a commendable 4.4-star rating from 115 owners, its reception implies a product that generally meets expectations.

Many customers appreciate how swiftly they can set up and pack away the bunny playpen. Its compact storage is a notable plus if you’re short on space.

For your indoor cats itching for a dash of sunlight or a breath of fresh air, the enclosure offers them a taste of the outdoors without compromising safety. Enthusiastic cats reportedly take to the structure with genuine excitement, suggesting it serves as an engaging toy for pets.

However, it’s not without its criticisms. Some concerns arise regarding durability, particularly in the form of claw holes after minimal use.

It’s something to keep in mind if your furry friend is more boisterous. A minor inconvenience mentioned is that it comes with a single fish toy, which might not suffice for households with multiple cats.

Furthermore, you might find yourself puzzled during the initial assembly due to the absence of instructions. But once you’ve got the hang of it, many find it easily clicks into place—user-friendly for you and a true adventure space for your pets.




After spending quality time with the step evoL 6-in-1 Cat House, it’s clear that it has some winning features. Your feline friends will likely revel in the sense of freedom and safety this outdoor bunny playpen offers.

The ease of assembly and its compact storage capability stand out, allowing you to take it anywhere with minimal fuss. Cats new to the outdoors can safely enjoy the sunshine, making this a valuable addition to pet care routines.

However, it’s worth noting a few concerns. Although sturdy in build, the longevity of the netting and material could be a question mark, as some have reported minor claw holes after limited use.

Additionally, the playpen could benefit from multiple toys to cater to households with more than one cat, avoiding any potential squabbles over entertainment.

In essence, the cat house from step evoL seems to tick most of the boxes for a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for your pets, with a few caveats that are not deal-breakers but might require you to plan for eventualities.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key features to look for in a high-quality bunny playpen?

  • Sturdy Material: You want a playpen that’s made with durable materials to withstand nibbling and hopping.
  • Adequate Ventilation: Fine mesh can provide superb airflow and also keep out pesky insects.
  • Space: Look for a playpen offering ample room for your bunny to move freely and play.
  • Visibility: A playpen with a clear view allows you to keep an eye on your pet and vice versa.
  • Ease of Assembly: A pop-up design can be an excellent time-saver, unfolding instantly for use.


How does the size and breed of the rabbit affect the choice of playpen?

Larger breeds and bunnies with high energy levels require more space. This playpen boasts a spacious design suitable for different sizes and breeds, ensuring they can play and explore without feeling cramped.


What are the safety considerations when selecting a playpen for rabbits?

  • Secure Enclosure: Ensure the playpen is predator-resistant with a secure zipper or latch system.
  • Material Safety: Non-toxic materials are a must since rabbits tend to chew on their enclosures.
  • Stability: It should withstand your bunny’s energetic play. The included stakes can help anchor it securely outdoors.


Can you recommend playpens that offer easy access for pet owners and their bunnies?

Yes, the playpen’s multiple zipper doors provide easy access. You can comfortably reach in to interact with your bunny or clean the enclosure.


What materials are ideal for a durable and rabbit-friendly playpen?

Polyester is a strong choice for durability; it’s light yet resistant to wear and tear. This playpen utilizes a polyester fabric that has held up well during use, showing resilience against energetic pets.


What are some playpen designs that provide adequate exercise space for rabbits?

A flexible design with various configurations can cater to different exercise needs. This product includes three tents and three tunnels, which can be used separately or zipped together, creating a versatile play area. The hexagonal and square tents serve as expansive rooms, while the tunnels offer excellent opportunities for exercise through hopping and exploration.



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