Are you looking for a pet that’s low maintenance and chill? If so, a rabbit might be the perfect fit for you! Rabbits are adorable, social creatures that can bring joy to any household. Plus, some rabbit breeds are known to be more calm and easy-going than others. In this article, we’ll discuss the five calm rabbit breeds that make great pets. While some large breeds stay quite calm, we’ll concentrate on smaller but calm rabbit breeds in this article.

Small Calm Rabbit Breeds

  • Holland Lop
  • Netherland Dwarf
  • Mini Rex
  • American Fuzzy Lop
  • Dutch
  • and more!


Holland Lop

Holland Lop- calm rabbit breeds

Holland Lop

First up is the quite adorable Holland Lop. A small, cobby rabbit, the Holland Lop captures attention quickly with those cute lopped ears that frame his face. Like the equally calm but slightly larger Mini Lop, these little bunnies will entertain you for hours but also love to snuggle. They love attention, but also rest quietly when you are busy.

Holland Lops come in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose your pet for his personality as well as color. This calm rabbit breed gladly shares your daily life for years to come.

Note, if you love the Holland Lop looks but want a slightly larger and still calm rabbit breed, check out the Mini Lop. For a very large rabbit, the French Lop also fits the calm rabbit breed list!

Holland Lop Specialty Club



Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf

Next is the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. This cute little rabbit has short legs and big eyes which make it hard not to love! Netherland Dwarfs are gentle by nature, so they make wonderful companions for both children and adults alike. They’re quite low-maintenance and will thrive on minimal interaction with their owner but still enjoy a good cuddle session every now and then.

Some Netherland Dwarf rabbits show a bit of attitude, though. Although the breed is usually calm, we know some that just prefer not to be handled. Still, people sharing their family life with a special Netherland Dwarf bunny enjoy their fur friend.

For people who like color, the Netherland Dwarf does not disappoint. These little gems come in many different colors, both single-colored and with white.

Netherland Dwarf Specialty Club


Mini Rex


Mini Rex Calm Rabbit Breeds

Mini Rex Pet Rabbits

Next on our list is the Mini Rex Rabbit. This breed of rabbit has dense fur with tiny guard hairs that make it very soft and luxurious to touch. The Mini Rex is an outgoing breed, but they aren’t overly active so they won’t keep you up at night running around your house! They don’t mind being handled as long as it’s done calmly and gently so they make great pets for families with kids who may want a furry friend without having to worry about being too rough with them.

Our Mini Rex actually like to snuggle up to our neck. They seem to crave physical touch and prefer a more calm home, too. Don’t be deceived, though. These velvet-coated snugglers have quite the personality, too! Your rabbit might well learn tricks and entertain you before coming up for his cuddle time.

Mini Rex Specialty Club


American Fuzzy Lop

Our next calm rabbit breed is the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit. This sweet-natured bunny looks like a little teddy bear because of its rounded body shape and fuzzy fur! American Fuzzy Lops have friendly personalities, but they don’t usually like being picked up so handling them gently should be your priority when bonding with your pet rabbit.

While the Fuzzy Lop’s are indeed one of the calm rabbit breeds, they might not offer  the comical entertainment that Holland Lops and Mini Rex usually do. Still for cuddling and petting, the American Fuzzy Lop is hard to beat.

Like the previous calm rabbit breeds, the Fuzzy Lops come in a variety of colors and shadings. But most that we have met have that sweet, gentle personality!

American Fuzzy Lop Specialty Club


Dutch Rabbits


Dutch Rabbit Calm Rabbit Breeds

Dutch Rabbit

Last but not least is the Dutch Rabbit. This breed is one of the oldest domesticated rabbits in the world.  Dutch Rabbits are generally quiet, making them a great pet for apartment living or other environments with noise restrictions. They also love being cuddled and can bond quickly with their human companion.

Dutch come in a variety of colors, each with distinctive white markings. Common colors are black or blue, but you might find others, too. While they sport distinctive markings that need to be nearly perfect for showing, your pet need not be so perfectly defined. In fact, some Dutch rabbit owners prefer the markings that are off center or blended. Wrong for showing but cute on a pet!

Dutch Specialty Club





Other small calm rabbit breeds?

Indeed, we have only touched on some of the more notable rabbits known for being small and calm. Some consider their Mini Satin pet rabbitto be quite calm. Others remind us that mixed breeds offer a variety of personalities, including some very calm and cuddly pets. Our list is meant as a starting point, not the end.

calm rabbit breeds or mixed




Looking for a small, calm pet rabbit?


Whether you live in an apartment or have kids at home, these five peaceful bunny breeds will bring plenty of joy into your life without any major drama or disruption! Do your research beforehand though to ensure that each particular breed is right for you before taking on a fluffy new member of your family!


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